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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

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On This Day
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6 Dec 2004

Harvey Nichols
"Walk Of Shame"
6 Dec 2011
This cunning commercial suggests that the real reason for the shame when women walk home after stopping out has nothing to do with a lack of moral decorum.

"Million Kids Challenge"
3 mins
6 Dec 2011
A longer version of the ad for a charitable concern initiated by orange supermarket which shows David Beckham finding out what it's like to play his sport without the benefit of sight.

Glorious Monsters
"Normal Men"
3 mins 50s
6 Dec 2013
Here's a smart piece of comedy to improve your day. Strictly speaking, this isn't a trail but it's such a marvellous piece that we had to share it.

"Roger Ballen x The Skateroom"
1 min 38s
6 Dec 2017
Boutique deck designers The Skateroom partner with photographer Roger Ballen for a monochrome fever dream.

"The Cell"
1 min 43s
6 Dec 2018
This Finnish Lidl commercial offers hope to jailbirds everywhere as a warden ignores protocol in favour of Christmas spirit.

Ugly Betty
"Mr Blue Sky"
6 Dec 2006

"Good Things Come To Those Who Wait"
6 Dec 2009
This trail for a football match from ESPN uses the soundtrack and some of the ideas from Jonathan Glazer's classic Guinness ad.

Olympus Pen
"Heartbreaking Pictures"
6 Dec 2009
A reprise of the current campaign featuring Kevin Spacey.

Nintendo DS
"Holly's Presents"
6 Dec 2009
Fearne Cotton has bought Holly Willoughby some new games for her Nintendo DS

Victor Chandler
"It's Victor"
6 Dec 2010
Paddy McGuinness goes to a football match with Victor Chandler and imagines the attention they receive is because of his celebrity status.

6 Dec 2010
The animated technique which places us in the driver's seat of a Formula One car has been done rather well.

"Sneaker Addict"
6 Dec 2010
A combination of live action and animation is used to illustrate this commercial which draws a comparison between sneakers and sex.

Tetra Pak
"The Circle Of Protection"
10 mins 10s
6 Dec 2010
Tetra Pak explain how their move into Egypt has brought about health improvements for the African country's people.

"Once A Day"
6 Dec 2010
It always makes more sense to us when products like this emphasise their healthiness rather than their deliciousness.

Kellogg's Crunchy Nut
"Rob Brydon"
6 Dec 2010
TV funny man Rob Brydon plays most of the parts in this creaky ad for Kellogg's Crunchy Nut Corn Flakes.

"It's Soothing, By Nature"
6 Dec 2010
For reasons that are hard to understand, the combination of animals and silly voices usually proves a winner with the British public.

6 Dec 2010
Another of the relatively stylish commercials for green supermarket which attempts to upgrade our impressions of their food offerings.

GDF Suez
"Happy Customers"
6 Dec 2010
According to this commercial, the advertised power utility company is extremely dedicated to their customers.

"Laser Drawings"
1 min 55s
6 Dec 2010
This online piece of work advertises a new taxi service in London that has one eye on the environment.

12 Minutes Of Love
6 Dec 2011
This beautiful piece of animation is designed to provoke intrigue and persuade us to buy a book about the history of Tango.

Jamie's Christmas
"With Bells On"
6 Dec 2011
Jamie Oliver is going to teach us how to cook our Christmas dinner... again.

CK One
6 Dec 2011
This laughably earnest attempt to get down with the kids looks like a cross between a Duran Duran video and zombie movie filmed on a mobile phone.

Scottish Executive Anti-Drinking
"Lost Licence"
6 Dec 2011
This film reminds us what we have to lose if we make the mistake of drinking and driving.

British Comedy Awards
"Jonathan's Delivery"
6 Dec 2011
Jonathan Ross is flung from a Jack In A Box in this ad reminding us that he'll be hosting the British Comedy Awards again this year.

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