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"Watching is Dreaming"
30 Jul 2021
Despite controversy about streaming access on this side of the pond, US broadband providers Comcast reckon that the Olympic Games can be universally inspirational.

"Discord: The Movie"
5 mins 51s
29 Jul 2021
Danny Devito and Awkwafina star in this comprehensive short film for Discord.

"Parallel Lives"
28 Jul 2021
What do a fish and a plastic bag have in common? According to this intriguing commercial for HP, their final destination in life.

Married at First Sight
"Complete Strangers"
28 Jul 2021
Romance is, if not dead, then certainly much changed in this entertaining commercial for Channel 4's Married at First Sight.

The Macallan
28 Jul 2021
A collaboration between The Macallan and Bentley sounds like a drink-driving ban waiting to happen.

1 min 40s
25 Jul 2021
A passing alien picks up a signal from planet Earth, and it turns out to be Netflix… and we witness him going through a full gamut of emotions as he watches some of the programmes on offer.

2 mins 44s
26 Jul 2021
Coronavirus may have spoiled the word 'variant' for good, but Marvel & Disney’s 'Loki' offers a welcome twist on permutations.

"Longboard Family"
2 mins
26 Jul 2021
This delicate film for Facebook makes the most of director FKA twigs' understanding of movement.

Gentleman Jack
"Milestones (Director's Cut)"
1 min 39s
25 Jul 2021
This charming film for American whiskey Gentleman Jack asserts the idea that many of life's real celebrations should be attached to the minor milestones which we encounter every day.

22 Jul 2021
This film for Toyota has a compelling message for existing owners, as well as an incentive for those in the market for a new car

19 Jul 2021
There's a perfect blend of comedy and pathos in this immensely sweet film for Pedigree.

"Must I Evolve?"
1 min 55s
19 Jul 2021
Uncommon’s latest piece of work for Method feels like a good-natured remake of ‘The Blob’.

Virgin Media
"Faster brings us closer - Part II"
15 Jul 2021
There's always something quite gratifying about a piece of work which credits the audience with a little intelligence, and this marvellous film for Virgin Media is a prime example.

Sony PlayStation
"Best Of"
15 Jul 2021
A pair of mates refuse to quit in this sprawling Playstation commercial.

Channel 4 Paralympics
"Super. Human."
3 mins
14 Jul 2021
"To be a Paralympian, there has to be something wrong with you" – these words appearing in a super around two-and-a-half minutes into this superb trail for the delayed 2020 Paralympics in Tokyo.

BBC Sport
"Ladies Wimbledon Final"
2 mins 40s
14 Jul 2021
This film – which was shown just before last Saturday's final – beautifully reminds the audience that the women have every right to consider themselves the equal of the men.

"Arrive Like You Mean It"
12 Jul 2021
This Asda campaign swerves corporate rap embarrassment by virtue of its juvenile cast.

"First Day Out"
12 Jul 2021
Tom – the old boy at the centre of this lovely commercial for the Co-op – is venturing outside, and we get the impression that it may be his first trip beyond his front door for the entirety of the pandemic.

Irn Bru
"The Good, The Bad and The Orangey"
13 Jul 2021
It's been a while since the last big production for Irn-Bru, but this appropriately silly comeback is worth the wait.

National Lottery
"There’s an easier way"
7 Jul 2021
One of the most visible indicators of the success generated by the charitable funding provided by the National Lottery has been Britain's Olympians at both the regular games and the Paralympics.

"We ALL Rise With More Eyes"
2 mins
9 Jul 2021
The importance of visibility is intricately explored in this new commercial for streaming service DAZN.

International Olympic Committee
9 Jul 2021
Skateboarding veteran Tony Hawk stars in this measured piece of work for the International Olympic Committee.

BT Sport
"Hope United (Director's Cut)"
7 Jul 2021
This unsettling film for BT Sport demonstrates just how insidious online bullying it can be.

8 Jul 2021
This 60" McDonald's ad goes to the other end of the spectrum of lockdown restraint.

"Breaking Point: Ryley Batt"
8 Jul 2021
Australian wheelchair rugby player Ryley Batt stars in this bone-crunching ad for Toyota.

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