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Latest Additions
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21 Jun 2019
Adidas buck current trends by celebrating their 'Supercourt' sneakers getting thoroughly trashed.

i heart Wines
23 Jun 2019
i heart Wines have the Love Island audience in their sights with this 30" launch ad.

"The Box"
24 Jun 2019
Job recruitment site Indeed take a quieter approach to their latest commercial campaign.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite
"Calling All Wizards"
24 Jun 2019
Harry Potter fans have a new outlet for their latent Pottermania with the launch of a new augmented reality game, Wizards Unite.

24 Jun 2019
Oasis attempt to harness the Millennial hatred of being advertised to in this tongue in cheek commercial.

Jean-Paul Gaultier
"Irina Shayk"
23 Jun 2019
Model Irian Shayk makes her presence well and truly known in this enjoyably brash ad for Jean-Paul Gaultier's Scandal.

Ministry Of Sound
"Summer Anthems"
23 Jun 2019
Ministry of Sound pay lip service, so to speak, to the nebulous "summer anthems" genre in this 30" commercial.

21 Jun 2019
This pithy Kopparberg ad introduces the brand's new blackcurrant and blackberry variant, cunningly titled 'Black'.

Lotto Powerball
24 Jun 2019
A flight attendant describes the moment her world came crashing down - or, crashing into a fruit stand, to be more precise - in this twisty commercial for the New Zealand lottery.

24 Jun 2019
This rote communication for Mitchum promises "triple odour protection", which implies rival anti-perspirants offer only one or two levels of defence.

Short Films
5 mins 40s
24 Jun 2019
Director Thomas Kelly's bristling study of Muay Thai fighter James Chaney could be termed a nature documentary.

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers
"Coaching Session"
21 Jun 2019
Comedian Hannibal Buress and Tom ‘Spider-Man' Holland are unlikely roommates in this entertaining ad for a new Final Fantasy expansion pack.

Short Films
"Fear of the Unknown"
5 mins 58s
21 Jun 2019
This enthralling short film from Daniel Brereton explores the journey one man took to the heart of darkness and back again.

Gladstone Brookes
20 Jun 2019
Gladstone Brookes have somehow managed to cast the world's most unappealing spokesman in this confrontational ad.

Nasty Gal
"Californian Summer"
20 Jun 2019
Online fashion vendor Nasty Gal return to the screen after three previous ads were banned.

20 Jun 2019
EE are the latest to jump on the Hanna bandwagon with this deadpan commercial.

Foot Locker
"The Letter"
21 Jun 2019
A teenager preys on the generosity of the rich and famous in this mischievous Foot Locker commercial.

"Make It Hot"
19 Jun 2019
Major Lazer and Anitta choose to launch their new single 'Make It Hot' through the medium of Bacardi, albeit with a slight twist.

Dunkin' Donuts
"Signature Espresso-Wear "
21 Jun 2019
Dunkin' Donuts have come up with a range of signature, erm, Espresso-Wear to ensure that coffee lovers can enjoy their iced beverages hands-free.

Film & Television Charity
"The Looking Glass"
1 min 36s
19 Jun 2019
This stark ad for The Film & Television Charity targets industry professionals struggling with mental health issues.

Pride in London
2 mins 10s
21 Jun 2019
Pride in London have released a film commemorating the event's jubilee year.

BBC Sport
"Wimbledon Stats"
19 Jun 2019
The BBC have been data mining ahead of Wimbledon 2019, and this 30" trail is the fruit of their labours.

19 Jun 2019
Who would have thought that, in an era of gadgets which fit neatly into pockets, that a tech company like Epson would be trying to persuade the youth to splash out on an unwieldy device like this?

UK Gold
"We Love Comedy"
20 Jun 2019
UK Gold are perennial fans of the montage, and this 40" outing is another playful addition to their canon.

The Humane League
20 Jun 2019
"The party's over", says this thought-provoking commercial which calls out McDonald's over its animal welfare record.

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