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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.


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Latest Additions
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Sick Kids
"The Brave List"
1 Dec 2021
This latest addition in a series of awareness films for SickKids – a Canadian charity – has something to say about Santa's delineation between Nice and Naughty.

1 Dec 2021
This fun little ad for E*TRADE features a weary astronaut unable to participate in the awe of his colleagues as they admire the Earth from the lunar surface.

1 min 36s
1 Dec 2021
This charming commercial for Barbour's Paddington collection features the marmalade-loving bear.

"30 Days of Christmas"
1 Dec 2021
This Belgian commercial for McDonald's has a little girl wondering what 2022 holds in store for us after the difficulties of 2021.

2 mins 05s
1 Dec 2021
Has anything so spectacular ever been quite as silly as this fantastic commercial for Samsung?

"The Call"
3 mins 37s
1 Dec 2021
This super little documentary for Hyundai focuses on engineer Peter Schreyer.

"A Nutty Holiday"
1 min 34s
30 Nov 2021
The Eighties are back in a big way in this excellent commercial for US peanut purveyors Planters.

Marvel's Wolverine
2 Dec 2021
This tense introduction to Marvel's Wolverine game for Playstation offers a great example of how the right soundtrack can make or break an ad.

"The Shearling"
1 min 46s
2 Dec 2021
Percival assemble a cast of recognisable faces for their Christmas ad, with People Just Do Nothing's Allan Mustafa up front.

Currys PC World
"Drop Pocket"
2 Dec 2021
Reverse pickpocketing may sound like a counter-intuitive activity, but that's exactly what takes centre stage in this interesting ad for Currys PC World.

2 Dec 2021
Think’s 'Mates for Life' campaign returns with a fast food empire at stake.

Compare The Market
"Neighbourhood Spy Station"
2 Dec 2021
This 30" ad focuses on Lasers the squirrel - one of Compare the Market's new supervillains.

"This Season's Drip"
1 Dec 2021
There's nary a towel or facecloth in this brash plug for multi-brand clothing retailer Flannels.

Alzheimer's Research UK
"The Smartest Thing"
2 Dec 2021
Former Coronation Street and dinnerladies actor Shobna Gulati fronts this rhythmic piece of work for Alzheimer's Research UK.

Leonard Cohen
2 mins 55s
2 Dec 2021
Released on the 5th anniversary of Leonard Cohen's death, this track makes a worthy addition to the late songwriter's canon. '

Direc TV
"The One"
2 Dec 2021
Some rash channel-hopping plonks Serena Williams into the Matrix in this DirecTV ad.

"Angry Birds"
30 Nov 2021
Angry Birds attack in this entertaining ad for US insurance firm Geico.

"Christmas Tree"
30 Nov 2021
This touching film for US supermarket Meijer follows a predictable emotional path, but it's one which feels very much essential to the spirit of the season.

Children's Hospital Foundation
"The Wonders Within"
30 Nov 2021
Sweet animation makes a hospital visit look like a magical adventure in this offering from the Children's Hospital Foundation.

"Doja Cat Wrapped "
30 Nov 2021
Another of the films designed to draw attention to the annual unveiling of Spotify's data.

Vistra Energy
"Code of Conduct"
2 mins 40s
30 Nov 2021
This isn't a commercial but it's a beautiful example of how the skills of advertising can be used in other contexts.

"Billie Eilish Wrapped"
30 Nov 2021
The annual unwrapping of everyone's most played music on Spotify has become a cultural landmark.

"Unapologetic Appeal"
2 mins
30 Nov 2021
This mockumentary-style commercial introduces us to John Birk who has the rather redundant job of explaining to people how to peel mandarins.

Urologists United
2 mins
30 Nov 2021
US Urologists have united to warn of the possibility of ED among those who have been infected with Covid.

"It's Been a Year"
2 mins 30s
1 Dec 2021
A celeb-heavy festive outing rounds out the year for ITV in amusing fashion.

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