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Latest Additions
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Coca Cola
"Could I Be Wrong?"
20 Feb 2020
Russian Doll’s Natasha Lyonne is the voice of reason in this turbulent Coca-Cola ad.

"A Life, Shared"
20 Feb 2020
Animal welfare charity Mayhew reinforce the human-canine bond in this sweet animated film.

"Komodo Dragon"
20 Feb 2020
Children's charity Barnardo's use a Komodo dragon to highlight the dangers of child grooming.

"Everybody Needs a Place Where They Rule"
1 min 44s
20 Feb 2020
IKEA have launched this curious ode to freedom in that well-known bastion of unfettered personal expression, the United Arab Emirates.

Burger King
19 Feb 2020
Other advertising pundits have understandably used the label 'bold' to describe this extraordinary gambit from Burger King.

Voyage Hotels
19 Feb 2020
This nondescript commercial for Voyage Hotels paints a sunny picture of a vacation abroad.

"Rita's 'Rowdy' Enchiladas"
19 Feb 2020
A mother finds a way to quiet her rowdy brood throughout the years in this sweet enough commercial for Tesco.

Apple Mac Book
"Female Artists"
19 Feb 2020
Jack Whitehall's Brit Awards comments coincide with this all-female 'Behind the Mac' commercial.

Nasty Gal
"Working 9-5"
18 Feb 2020
This Nasty Gal commercial entitled ‘Working 9-5’ bears no relation to the 1980 movie or Dolly Parton’s accompanying ditty.

18 Feb 2020
Another cross-species ad for eBookers sees the brand's monkey mascot transport a couple to an exotic holiday destination.

"Mai Troppo"
19 Feb 2020
Director Johan Renck’s follow-up to ‘Chernobyl’ couldn’t be more different if it tried.

Uber Eats
"Little Baby"
18 Feb 2020
One of four Uber Eats commercials starring Guz Khan, this instalment features new parents who are desperate for some KFC (and a ton of sleep).

Bank Of Scotland
"By Your Side"
18 Feb 2020
Bank of Scotland change tack in 2020 by replacing James Cosmo with Susan Calman.

Tim Burgess
"Empathy for the Devil"
4 mins 28s
17 Feb 2020
The Rolling Stones had sympathy for the devil; now former Charlatans frontman Tim Burgess has empathy for the beast.

Domino's Pizza
19 Feb 2020
This dubious mashup of Domino's Pizza and sitcom favourite 'Cheers' draws attention to the chain's check-in pickup service.

Salvatore Ganacci
"Boycycle (ft. Sébastien Tellier)"
4 mins 02s
19 Feb 2020
This surreal promo for Salvatore Ganacci's 'Boycycle' just gets curiouser and curiouser as it goes along.

"Love Death Distraction"
4 mins 51s
18 Feb 2020
This atmospheric promo for Eden's 'Love Death Distraction' takes us out on the open road.

17 Feb 2020
Fans of 2013 blockbuster 'Gravity' will appreciate Specsavers' urge to explore the wide blue yonder.

"Jake Paul"
17 Feb 2020
While sharing one's name with a controversial YouTuber may prove a career impediment to some, this particular Jake Paul manages to find his own way.

Foxy Bingo
17 Feb 2020
It's another oddly crowded get-together for Foxy Bingo as their hirsute spokesman hosts a movie night with his friends.

Land Rover
"Defender: No Time to Die"
17 Feb 2020
Bond enthusiasts and gear heads alike will be salivating over this partnership between Land Rover and the latest 007 movie.

"Move More"
17 Feb 2020
When in doubt, use contemporary dance. That seems to be the logic behind this admittedly cool-looking ad for Telia.

"Me Because of You"
5 mins 33s
18 Feb 2020
HRVY (or Harvey Cantwell, if you’re not into the whole brevity thing) receives a neon-soaked promo for ‘Me Because of You’ courtesy of Matthias Hoene.

Heinz Soup Cups
"Ninety Second Romance"
18 Feb 2020
It's worth sticking with the awkward conversation in this Heinz Cup Soup ad.

Declan McKenna
"Beautiful Faces"
3 mins 42s
18 Feb 2020
There's a touch of David Bowie about the latest Declan McKenna single, and a colourfully quirky promo only helps cement the association.

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