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lovely performance



Latest Additions
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James Blunt
4 mins 19s
11 Sep 2019
It's been more than a decade since James Blunt plunged into the sea at the end of the 'You're Beautiful' video, and anyone who has spent the intervening years wondering what on earth happened next, finally has an answer!

Dunnes Stores
"Tattoo / Haircut"
11 Sep 2019
What do you get for a Euro? That's the question posed by this pair of Irish commercials for Dunnes which also provide the answer: not a lot.

B & Q
"Bright and Spacious"
11 Sep 2019
Another in the strangely lacklustre campaign for B&Q's new brand, GoodHome.

Short Films
"A Sonic Pulse"
7 mins 23s
11 Sep 2019
This inspiring short reveals how misunderstood deafness is by the hearing community, and documents the experience three profoundly deaf people have of going clubbing.

Lil Nas X
2 mins 24s
11 Sep 2019
Viral star Lil Nas X shows no signs of letting his 'Old Town Road' fame abate any time soon.

"Supermarket Sweep"
11 Sep 2019
Blue Supermarket are bringing back some blasts from the past to celebrate their 100th year in business.

Amazon Prime
"Date Night"
10 Sep 2019
Astute VFX work in this Amazon Prime commercial offers the viewer a look at a date night frozen in amber.

Credit Karma
10 Sep 2019
Another transformative outing for Credit Karma sees a guy's credit score change his luck for the better.

"Daredevil Bites"
10 Sep 2019
KFC keep things low-key with this brief introduction to their 'Daredevil Bites'.

Gillette Venus
"My Skin"
11 Sep 2019
The women in this spot have stretch marks, surgical scars, and skin conditions - it's great that increasing numbers of brands are embracing difference so positively.

10 Sep 2019
This engaging ad for Lenovo gets our attention straightaway thanks to its casting of what appears to be Richard Ayoade's childhood self.

10 Sep 2019
A powerful, lightweight vacuum cleaner that doesn't have a cord... it's the holy grail of domestic appliances.

10 Sep 2019
Gousto reinforces its new campaign direction with an ad offering 50% off when you order your first recipe box from them.

Danny Brown
"Dirty Laundry"
3 mins 11s
11 Sep 2019
Hailing a cab is always a gamble... you may end up flung around in the back while an unhinged dude with the concentration of a gnat's chuff demonstrates what post-bender psychosis looks like.

9 Sep 2019
TV chef Gino d'Acampo appears with his young daughter Mia in this commercial for Iceland advertising a new range of Italian food created by its star.

Cadbury Dairy Milk
9 Sep 2019
This immensely sweet commercial is part of an initiative between Cadbury and Age UK to shine a light on the loneliness which affects some elderly people.

"Happy Place - Festival"
10 Sep 2019
In the second of two spots for Barclaycard, we visit the happy place of the guy whose partner treated him to a music festival.

"Happy Place - Wrestling"
10 Sep 2019
In one of two twin ads for Barclaycard, a woman puts up with a music festival for the sake of her beloved.

Diet Coke
9 Sep 2019
We rather like the detail in this - the dating site called 'Twinge', the casting of the two, er, golden girls; Derek posing with his car like an elderly Partridge.

Tesco F & F
"Dog Biscuits"
9 Sep 2019
These F&F ads are growing on us - who hasn't, at some point, 'only popped in' for milk or eggs or pet food and come out with a trolley's worth of entirely unrelated stuff?

9 Sep 2019
With every other food outlet getting on the home delivery wagon, McDonald's isn't about to be left behind - as this latest spot makes very clear.

"Lasting Matte"
9 Sep 2019
Rita Ora pouts and simpers her way through yet another piece of anodyne fluff for Rimmel foundation.

James Blake
"Can't Believe the Way We Flow"
4 mins 43s
3 Sep 2019
Frank Lebon directs this hypnotically frenetic video for James Blake's love song to partner Jameela Jamil.

Papa John's
"Cinnamon Scrolls"
9 Sep 2019
Now that founder John Schnatter is persona non grata as far as Papa John's advertising is concerned, the pizza delivery chain put the food - for better or worse - front and centre.

"6AM (Ready to Write) ft. Joe Rogan"
3 mins 58s
9 Sep 2019
Recreational drugs get surreal in this weird promo for Beardyman's latest single '6AM'.

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