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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.


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Latest Work
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Empathy Test
4 mins 03s
26 May 2020
This intriguing promo for electronica outfit Empathy Test's latest track 'Monsters' deals out arousal and disgust in equal measure.

Red Bull
6 mins 54s
26 May 2020
This sci-fi short for Red Bull offers a different take on the concept of energy.

Short Films
"Cúl an Tí (The Back Of The House)"
16 mins 29s
27 May 2020
Stuart Douglas’s beautifully played drama from 2018 hits home more than ever right now.

J P Cooper
"Little Bit of Love"
3 mins 30s
26 May 2020
Amidst the rancour of Cummings-gate and Donald Trump versus social media comes this extraordinary revelation from JP Cooper: “Sometimes everybody needs a little bit of love.”

Water Aid
"You Can't Have A Rainbow Without Water"
26 May 2020
Water Aid reminds viewers of the origin of rainbows - and the importance of ensuring everyone can have them.

Håkan Hellström
"All Dreams Are Fulfilled"
5 mins 15s
26 May 2020
Håkan Hellström’s ‘All Dreams Are Fulfilled’ has more than a hint of ‘My Generation’ about it, but the track plays second fiddle to Fillip Nilsson’s quirky promo.

Direct Line
26 May 2020
Superheroes needn’t concern themselves with leaks or burst pipes - that’s what Direct Line are for.

Direct Line
"Super Plumber"
26 May 2020
Having previously tapped the likes of RoboCop, Donatello, and Bumblebee, Direct Line introduce their own potential franchise-launcher: Super-Plumber.

Amy Gardner
"Blood Echoes"
4 mins 41s
18 May 2020
This nimbly atmospheric short film captures Philadelphia-born dancer Gabe Stone Shayer in full flow.

2 mins 10s
18 May 2020
This slick communication suggests style and substance can, on occasion, coexist quite comfortably

"Pump It Up"
18 May 2020
This introspective ad for Reebok takes a lighting tour of various kinds of creativity.

Short Films
"Class of 2020: Wash Your Hands"
2 mins 20s
18 May 2020
Who’d have predicted hand washing would become a cultural touchstone in 2020?

TD Bank
"Dancer From Home"
18 May 2020
As Covid-19 continues to disrupt the financial sector, TD Bank urge customers to party like it’s 1992… and not for the first time, so to speak.

Bree Runway
"Damn Daniel"
3 mins
17 May 2020
The rise of the so-called quarantine special continues with this lo-fi Bree Runway promo.

"You're Born"
3 mins 24s
15 May 2020
The Fountain of Youth receives an ice-cold makeover in this promo for Russian beatmakers AIGEL.

PPE for Healthcare Workers
"Letter To My Unborn Child"
21 May 2020
This extraordinarily impactful film supports frontline healthcare workers in their bid to force the government into providing badly needed PPE to help protect them against Covid-19.

Thank-You Care Takers
18 May 2020
Clapping for the NHS aside... let's look at how we respond to Covid calls to arms.

Little Mix
"Break Up Song"
3 mins 36s
17 May 2020
This mixed media promo for Little Mix's thoughtfully titled 'Break Up Song' shows there's still plenty of creativity to be found in quarantine.

United Nations
"The Domino Effect"
17 May 2020
This tense film should serve as a stark reminder to those who stubbornly refuse to adhere to social distancing rules.

"Hide and Seek"
18 May 2020
Another video chat-heavy outing for Maltesers will hit close to home for many weary parents, er, stuck at home.

The Fantastical Factory of Curious Craft
"Opening Titles"
18 May 2020
Channel 4 are doubling down on crafts during the Covid-19 pandemic, with The Fantastical Factory of Curious Craft now joining the fray.

Short Films
"A Taste of Home"
3 mins 20s
18 May 2020
This eloquent short film by director Libby Burke Wilde sheds light on Blackpool’s Syrian community, and the importance of food to those forced to leave their homeland.

YSL L'Homme
"I Must Have Lost My Head"
18 May 2020
Kiwi model Vinnie Woolston leaves a breadcrumb trail of sorts in this black-and-white ad for YSL L’Homme aftershave.

Short Films
"Alone Together"
4 mins 01s
17 May 2020
Guy Johnson - son of the late Maya Angelou - recites his mother’s ode to togetherness in this timely short film.

"The Call"
18 May 2020
ITV’s big guns are on the case to mark Mental Health Awareness Week 2020.

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