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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.


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Stuart said:

I'm not crying.... I'm blubbing. Its totally different



Latest Work
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Flight Facilities
"Forever (ft. BROODS)"
3 mins 44s
27 Oct 2021
This intriguing promo for Flight Facilities' 'Forever' takes a bird's eye view on the end of the world.

"It's Good To Be Back"
3 mins 55s
27 Oct 2021
Dreamjob (aka Jack Whiteley and Joe Wills) helm this quirky video for Metronomy's 'It's Good To Be Back'.

Premier League
"No Room For Racism"
27 Oct 2021
The Premier League's new anti-racism film coincides with the Saudi Arabian-led takeover of Newcastle United.

Coca Cola
"Real Magic"
27 Oct 2021
There's a lot to unpack in this Coca-Cola commercial that leans into esports and falls to the ground.

National Farmers Union
"Time is Everything"
27 Oct 2021
The National Farmers Union has a lot on its plate right now, with Brexit, Covid-19, and Christmas in play.

I'm A Celebrity
"Here Be Dragons"
26 Oct 2021
ITV have gone medieval to promote series twenty-one of I'm A Celebrity.

26 Oct 2021
Blue and yellow auras illustrate the importance of winter vaccinations in this straightforward commercial.

Tu Clothing
"Dress Well to Feel Good"
21 Oct 2021
Sainsbury's Tu Clothing label encourages people of all stripes to dress for success in this muted commercial.

Travel Oregon
"Still Only Slightly Exaggerated"
1 min 45s
26 Oct 2021
Travel Oregon pick up their 2018 'Only Slightly Exaggerated' campaign with another sumptuously animated instalment.

Short Films
"An Artist Portrait of Nick Herd"
5 mins 45s
26 Oct 2021
This textured documentary gives an insight into New Zealand artist Nick Herd.

"An Urgent Call"
25 Oct 2021
giffgaff encourage people to recycle their old handsets in this colourful commercial.

Tetley Tea
"Tea Lovers"
26 Oct 2021
This 30" ad insists Tetley still have dibs on the nation's cups, mugs, and polystyrene vessels.

"Grace Jones"
26 Oct 2021
This self-satisfied ad for Barclaycard enlists Grace Jones to promote the UK's latest 'buy now, pay later' offer.

Destination New South Wales
"Come and Feel New"
25 Oct 2021
Azure Ryder's cover of 'Feeling Good' accompanies this bid to kickstart tourism in New South Wales.

3 mins 34s
26 Oct 2021
3D rendering and fashionable edginess come together in this intriguing promo for COIN's 'Chapstick'.

Joy Crookes
2 mins 45s
26 Oct 2021
British-Irish-Bangladeshi singer-songwriter Joy Crookes enjoys an unusual medieval dual in this playful promo.

"Live Happy"
25 Oct 2021
There's a lovely sense of rhythm to this pacy film for TUI, which encourages audiences to get out and see the world again post-pandemic.

World Mobile
"Kite Surfer"
25 Oct 2021
Liam Saint-Pierre directs this relaxing profile of Ismael Abdilah, a kite surfer from Zanzibar.

Short Films
5 mins 55s
25 Oct 2021
This intriguing short film from Craig Bingham mixes darts and philosophy in unexpected ways.

"Take Control Now"
25 Oct 2021
Hair straightener makers GHD are the latest brand to promote breast cancer self-examination.

Woodland Trust
"Things Can Change"
24 Oct 2021
This Woodland Trust commercial is one of the more placid additions to the climate emergency response.

Stand Up To Cancer
"The Moment You Stand"
1 min 40s
25 Oct 2021
David Oyelowo fronts this stoic piece of work for Stand Up to Cancer (SUTC).

"Phone Smart (Director's Cut)"
1 min 57s
25 Oct 2021
As kids' online lives start earlier and earlier, EE are hoping to ensure they don't enter the experience blind.

"Timid, Intimidating"
4 mins 13s
22 Oct 2021
There's a dreamlike quality to this promo for BadBadNotGood's track 'Timid, Intimidating'.

NHS Recruitment
"Live 1000 Lives"
22 Oct 2021
Into a clusterfuck of related crises steps this rather beautiful recruitment film for the NHS.

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