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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

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Short Films
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Short Films
"All Cracked Up"
3 mins 08s
20 Nov 2020
Spare a thought for professional writers this year, says this Simon Neal-directed short film.

Short Films
"The World's Strongest Brothers"
8 mins 08s
18 Nov 2020
This weighty documentary profiles brothers Tom and Luke Stoltman as they go from strength to strength.

Short Films
"Yours Sincerely"
2 mins 10s
11 Nov 2020
This deceptively simple film offers a reminder that people of all kinds lost their lives in WWII.

Short Films
"Damage Control"
5 mins 32s
5 Nov 2020
This striking short film offers a distinctly British perspective on what it means to be Black in today's society.

Short Films
6 mins 30s
30 Oct 2020
This timely and thought-provoking short film examines Black motherhood in 2020.

Short Films
4 mins 20s
27 Oct 2020
Swedish bodybuilder Calle Bolund stars in this sinewy curio from directors Josefin Malmen and David Strindberg.

Short Films
"Tinned Pears"
8 mins 08s
26 Oct 2020
Tinned Pears' gives voice to families across the country struggling to make ends meet, for who even the very back of the cupboards are bare.

Short Films
"We Shall Not Return"
22 Oct 2020
This striking short film from Stuart Langfield suggests a return to normal isn't the goal we should be aiming for post-Covid.

Short Films
"Abe and Trump Being Frank"
19 Oct 2020
Let's face it, satire isn't going to hasten the end of Donald Trump.

Short Films
"Interviews (with Celeste Waite)"
2 mins 08s
19 Oct 2020
Soul singer Celeste Waite stars in this intimate film directed by Laura Borgio.

Short Films
"Put Some Clothes on Man Jesus Christ"
13 Oct 2020
As cases skyrocket and government guidance on Covid-19 restrictions remains as muddy and meandering as ever, frustrated viewers will appreciate this spunky short film.

Short Films
"Again & Again"
4 mins 43s
5 Oct 2020
Rare is the film where lint rollers feature prominently, so kudos to director Caleb Femi for spotting a gap in the market.

Short Films
4 mins 07s
15 Sep 2020
While the world around us feels pretty sci-fi these days, directors Karl Poyzer and Joe Roberts flip the script in this amusing short film.

Short Films
"Scarlet Medusa"
18 mins 25s
11 Sep 2020
The inevitable ebb and flow of life is examined in this meditative short film from Spencer MacDonald.

Short Films
"Color Me"
6 mins 35s
4 Sep 2020
This gorgeously icky short film arrives courtesy of director Martin de Thurah and musician Active Child, who also provides the quivering, elegiac soundtrack.

Short Films
7 mins 05s
2 Sep 2020
'Unspoken' captures an attempt to process the loss of a parent and create something beautiful in its wake.

Short Films
4 mins 17s
26 Aug 2020
Greg Barth takes lockdown cravings to a whole new level in this surreal film.

Short Films
"The Birth of Valerie Venus (Trailer)"
24 Aug 2020
Director Sarah Clift's follow-up to 'La Madre Buena' (The Good Mother) stars Jane Guernier as Valerie.

Short Films
"Wake Up"
5 mins
20 Aug 2020
This confrontational film addresses the fear that people will forget about the BLM movement once their hashtags stop trending.

Short Films
5 mins 10s
10 Aug 2020
This arresting take on Neil Hilborn's poem 'OCD' offers an intense look at how mental illness can impact relationships.

Short Films
"On Lockdown"
1 min 41s
11 Aug 2020
Calum Macdiarmid’s atmospheric short film uses brooding animation to convey the monotony of lockdown.

Short Films
"A Letter to Hope"
3 mins 28s
10 Aug 2020
Writer and director Souvid Datta gathers five voices in search of hope as the coronavirus pandemic continues.

Short Films
"Distant Future"
5 mins 34s
7 Aug 2020
There have been many reflections on lockdown, but this offering from director Charlie Watts has more bite than most.

Short Films
"Bat Sh*t"
7 mins 30s
5 Aug 2020
Bats campaign against misplaced blame laid on them for Covid-19 in this environmentally-minded comedy.

Short Films
6 mins
28 Jul 2020
The reality of the Covid-19 pandemic is thrown into horrifying relief in this cautionary short film.

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