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Matt said:

Really like this one...



Short Films
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Short Films
14 mins 12s
13 Apr 2021
The impact of Covid-19 on live music is laid bare in this atmospheric short film which flits between empty venues and housebound raves.

Short Films
"Jag Har Fattat (I've Understood) "
6 mins 01s
12 Apr 2021
This touching film from Maceo Frost and Swedish performer Robin Nazari offers a profound commentary on masculinity and grief.

Short Films
"Thai Country Living"
15 mins 25s
7 Apr 2021
This inviting documentary offers those yet to find their lockdown instrument of choice a new alternative: the khaen.

Short Films
"A Short Film"
4 mins 32s
29 Mar 2021
A reliably gruff Phil Davis stars in this handsomely mounted parody of short film tropes.

Short Films
7 mins 39s
23 Mar 2021
This palpably tense short film from up-and-coming director Ethan Graham pries at the cracks of a fractured family relationship.

Short Films
4 mins 20s
17 Mar 2021
Fans of synthwave and functioning versions of 'Cyberpunk 2077' will appreciate this futuristic mood-piece from director Armin Kurasz.

Short Films
"Bella and Lucas"
3 mins 04s
9 Mar 2021
This tactile short film from director Leo Leigh explores self-actualisation and self-discovery through video games.

Short Films
"The Swimmer"
14 mins 55s
2 Mar 2021
This taut short film stars Francesca Shand as a swimmer who sees visions of wild animals and violent weather while training.

Short Films
"Lesson 7"
9 mins 50s
24 Feb 2021
Self-help meets the esoteric in this mysterious short film from Neil Linpow, written by Hunter Andrews.

Short Films
3 mins 06s
18 Feb 2021
The word "bubble" may have lost all meaning over the last year, but this calming short film is a welcome change of pace.

Short Films
"More Time"
4 mins 44s
15 Feb 2021
This tightly focused short film stars Alex Schulze as a woman struggling to keep a lid on her emotions.

Short Films
"Product 207"
3 mins 43s
12 Feb 2021
Director Anton Nenashev pens a visual love letter to Latvia in this brooding short film.

Short Films
13 mins 27s
10 Feb 2021
'Enough' presents a stylised look at Seattle musician Nathan Nzanga's coming of age as a Black man in a hostile America.

Short Films
6 mins 42s
4 Feb 2021
This raw short film from Darkroom's Nono Ayuso explores the internal journey of a dancer - who never saw himself as disabled until other people decided he was.

Short Films
"Here's Looking at You, Kid"
12 mins 34s
1 Feb 2021
Known primarily for his work on modern classic comedy Derry Girls, director Michael Lennox tackles a twistier tale with short film 'Here's Looking at You, Kid'.

Short Films
"Omega Mart: Totally Normal"
1 min 50s
28 Jan 2021
There's a waking nightmare of a surreal tone to this beautifully unsettling film from Andreas Nilsson.

Short Films
26 Jan 2021
This culinary-minded short film offers a refresher on director Andrea Love's whimsical aesthetic.

Short Films
8 mins 47s
21 Jan 2021
A pair of cops encounter an unusual house on their beat in this entertaining film from Dan Castella.

Short Films
"Be A Man"
2 mins 31s
12 Jan 2021
This intriguing film from Gillian Zinser interrogates traditional masculinity, focused on Cuban ballet dancer Andy Sousa and his story.

Short Films
14 mins 07s
6 Jan 2021
Dominic O'Riordan's latest short film puts the ass in roadside assistance.

Short Films
"Love Pool"
16 mins 52s
5 Jan 2021
First released on Valentine's Day 2018, Asim Chaudhry’s directorial debut 'Love Pool' features a cameo from the late Bob Ross at his most avuncular.

Short Films
1 min 41s
16 Dec 2020
This delightful short film uses a familiar trope to introduce the audience to a very 2020 Santa, and his even more 2020 son.

Short Films
5 mins 20s
16 Dec 2020
This intriguing short film offers an insight into the world of a young man with a hidden disability.

Short Films
"Outside In"
13 mins
10 Dec 2020
Covert camerawork and a synth-laden soundtrack impress in this languid short film from director Nima Nourizadeh.

Short Films
4 mins 17s
27 Nov 2020
Professional mood-setter Clive abuses his power in this melodic comedy.

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