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Rattling Stick
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Aldous Harding
"Fixture Picture"
4 mins 09s
12 Apr 2019
A picture paints a thousand words, and this artful promo for Aldous Harding paints a few more than that.

Paddy Power
9 Apr 2019
The world's most vegan-friendly burger van features in this latest effort from Paddy Power.

Trebor Mints
"Give Me Strength"
27 Mar 2019
Trebor's latest campaign takes on the foibles of modern life... with considerable gusto.

Paddy Power
"Team Talk"
25 Mar 2019
Paddy Power's stab at inclusivity is as broad as you might expect.

3 mins 48s
22 Feb 2019
Just as Childish Gambino restyled the protest song in his powerful, category-defying track 'This Is America', so British rapper Dave has delivered his own about the black experience. And it is astonishing.

Pepsi Max
"Last Can Standing"
18 Feb 2019
Lionel Messi and Mohamed Salah compete for the sole can of Pepsi Max at a secluded petrol station.

15 Feb 2019
Engine's winning entry for the Channel 4 Diversity in Advertising Award and the RAF targets sexism with a wry compendium of TVC platitudes.

Kellogg's Crunchy Nut
"Misleading Picture"
11 Feb 2019
Dating app users beware - one bite of the advertised cereal could turn your swipe left into a mortgage and sprogs.

2 Feb 2019
Audi's Super Bowl outing features a trip to the great beyond... with a twist.

"Killer Skin"
31 Jan 2019
Olay mark their Super Bowl debut with this slasher spoof starring Sarah Michelle Gellar.

3 mins 18s
20 Nov 2018
Belgian singer-songwriter Blanche gets together with a group of friends for some crepuscular goofing around in a neglected swimming pool.

St Mungo's
28 Nov 2018
This effective film from homeless charity St Mungo's urges viewers not to ignore the talent languishing on our nation's streets.

"Mesut Ozil and Mathieu Flamini"
6 Nov 2018
This rousing launch ad for eco-friendly skincare brand Unity comes with Premier League approval.

Little Dragon
"Lover Chanting"
5 mins
24 Oct 2018
This surreal promo for Little Dragon's latest track 'Lover Chanting' takes a trip through the world of online gaming.

"It Must Be"
18 Oct 2018
A blossoming romance takes centre stage in this youth-focused ad for McDonald's.

Budget Direct
2 mins 30s
10 Sep 2018
This fantastical ad for Aussie outfit Budget Direct examines a familiar scourge in an unexpected way.

The Cuban Brothers
"I Hate Hate"
4 mins 05s
13 Aug 2018
Musical comedy group The Cuban Brothers celebrate twenty years in business with this entertaining video.

Apple iPhone
12 Jul 2018
This film for Apple - directed with his customary flair by Ringan Ledwidge - focuses on their latest phones' ability to use facial recognition as an alternative to a password that's difficult to remember.

Land Rover
"Streets of Solidarity"
2 mins 47s
3 Jul 2018
This altruistic Land Rover commercial draws attention to the marque's partnership with the Italian Red Cross.

Royal Navy
"Michael's Story"
18 Jun 2018
Walt Whitman's 'Song of the Open Road' propels this latest 'Made in the Royal Navy' film.

"NHS at 70"
13 Jun 2018
This simple BBC promo marks seventy years of the NHS with a rendition of ‘Happy Birthday' via heart rate monitor.

Paddy Power
13 Jun 2018
Paddy Power's amusing World Cup ad sees the controversy-courting bookmaker throw their weight behind VAR (video assistant referee technology)… both on and off the pitch.

"Training Session"
24 May 2018
Lidl tap three of England's World Cup squad for this likeable commercial promoting children's football coaching.

"Grown Up"
12 May 2018
McDonald's continue their bid to be the most family-friendly establishment around with another wholesome ad.

"Freddie in Space"
3 May 2018
This amusing BetStars ad sees Andrew Flintoff become the first Ashes winner in space… admittedly against his will.

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