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Pulse Films
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"The Future"
14 Feb 2019
Samsung's vision of the future may alarm those who prefer a flesh-and-blood tattoo artist.

"Do Not Disturb"
3 mins 55s
11 Feb 2019
KLVDR's second promo for Mahalia is a polished performance clip that highlights her poise and charisma.

"All I Ever Wanted (ft. Dave)"
4 mins 32s
5 Feb 2019
This KLVDR-directed promo for ‘All I Ever Wanted' draws on the rapper's upbringing on Westminster's Mozart Estate.

Veg Power
25 Jan 2019
This joint venture between ITV and Veg Power aims to enlist their help in defeating an army of rampaging vegetables.

"The Patriarch"
17 Jan 2019
ITV explore character archetypes in an excellent new series of ads for their drama output.

"The Guvnor"
17 Jan 2019
Another examination of dramatic tropes from ITV, this time featuring a monologue from the star of 'Vera'.

Chaka Khan
"Goodbye Sadness, Hello Happiness"
4 mins 48s
9 Jan 2019
Set in seedy motel-land, 'Goodbye Sadness, Hello Happiness' has a real 70s vibe that Sam Pilling has worked to the max.

Jorja Smith
"The One"
3 mins 32s
13 Dec 2018
The video for Jorja Smith's mournful new track 'The One' sees her locked in a cycle of passive misery as she vacillates between action and acceptance.

"The Force is Female"
12 Dec 2018
Nike tap singer-songwriter Jorja Smith to front their ‘The Force is Female' campaign.

The Prodigy
"Timebomb Zone"
3 mins 25s
10 Dec 2018
The Prodigy and director Paco Raterta's tour of the Filipino underworld continues with this bruising depiction of an underground fighting ring.

Absolut Vodka
"The Walk"
2 mins 36s
29 Nov 2018
To mark Absolut Vodka's latest talent drive, this engaging film charts four decades worth of artwork in one flowing execution.

The Streets
"Call Me In The Morning (ft Chip & Grim Sickers)"
4 mins 03s
27 Nov 2018
Mike Skinner is back, directing his own video for new track 'Call Me In The Morning'. He's impossible to look away from - this is a promo that needs watching again and again.

"Save Yourself"
3 mins 46s
15 Nov 2018
'Save Yourself' was written by artist Sola during a deep depression and is about "learning to love yourself through your flaws".

14 Nov 2018
We're given a specific reason to feel good about playing the lottery in this low-key spot.

"Use Your Vote"
11 Nov 2018
This excellent film by Benito Montorio for Levi's - an extended version of an ad we featured earlier in the year - beautifully encapsulates the importance of voting.

Welch's Grape Juice
29 Oct 2018
Grapes of a nervous disposition may wish to avoid this ad for juice makers Welch's.

"More Than Views"
15 Oct 2018
YouTube take a phone's-eye look at the world with this personable ad.

15 Oct 2018
There's a useful ambiguity in the casting of this delightful ad for Tui and we're not sure how intentional it is.

"My Morning After"
5 Oct 2018
This empowering commercial for morning after pill ellaOne is an enlightened ode to bodily autonomy.

"The Unseen Ocean"
5 mins 30s
4 Oct 2018
Volvo wade into the war on marine pollution with this latest Sky Atlantic collaboration, which focuses on a school teacher's bid to turn his class into thalassophiles.

"Use Your Vote"
1 Oct 2018
With just a few weeks to go until the mid-term elections determine whether the US has learned its lesson from the ongoing Trump clusterfuck, Levi's offer a timely reminder of the importance of voting.

Department for Education
"Every Lesson Shapes a Life"
1 min 40s
1 Oct 2018
Havas London and directing duo thirtytwo present this lovely ad about how important good teachers are to a child's life.

"Cod and Prawns"
20 Sep 2018
Waitrose mark their first outing as Waitrose & Partners with cod and prawns… oh, and some fennel and white wine for good measure.

Amber Olivier
"One Unread"
3 mins 30s
10 Sep 2018
R&B singer Amber Olivier is raking over the ashes of a love gone cold in this promo by Savannah Setten.

Maverick Sabre
4 mins 34s
10 Sep 2018
The low-key, trip-hop beat and high register of Maverick Sabre's voice make 'Drifting' an unexpected release from the soulful singer-songwriter.

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