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Army Recruitment
"Your Resilience"

Miles said:

took me 4 watches and reading the description above to understand what was going on.



Final Cut
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2 Jan 2019
Once again the tactic of having all the explanatory stuff personable delivered at the start of the commercial pays dividends.

Army Recruitment
"Your Stamina"
2 Jan 2019
In another celebration of youthful attitudes which normally draw opprobrium, a young man is criticised by another for playing video games around the clock.

Road Safety (Republic of Ireland)
"Noel Clancy"
10 Jan 2019
This Irish road safety film highlights a little-mentioned risk of the road: unaccompanied learner drivers.

Short Films
4 mins 42s
9 Jan 2019
Arachnophobes and anyone who values a peaceful soak in the bath may wish to give this well-tuned short film a miss.

Army Recruitment
"Your Spirit"
2 Jan 2019
Another look at how stereotypes about the younger generation can often block our view of their true potential in a film for Army Recruitment.

Army Recruitment
"Your Resilience"
2 Jan 2019
This Army Recruitment film shows an undervalued woman getting grief from one of her supermarket colleagues.

Pizza Hut
"Now That's Delivering"
1 min 54s
3 Jan 2019
Pizza Hut's New Year's resolution is to goad the competition whenever possible.

"Christmoose, over?"
2 Jan 2019
There is something agreeably old school about this ad for Clearscore - one of two that have just been broadcast.

Capital One
"Festive Checklist"
13 Dec 2018
'Tis the season to check one's credit score, according to this festive commercial from Capital One.

Amazon Echo
"Dad's Playlist"
7 Dec 2018
This jaunty Amazon Echo commercial features some, er, familiar Faces as a father and daughter bond over early Seventies rock.

"A Little Company"
30 Nov 2018
This affectionate iPhone commercial proves the Elvis impersonator trade is in rude health as a group of multinational Presleys share their passion via Group FaceTime.

National AIDS Trust
"Rock the Ribbon"
29 Nov 2018
Erasure's ‘A Little Respect' propels this lithe piece of work for the National AIDs Trust.

"Velvet Luminosity"
22 Nov 2018
Cosmetics stalwarts Avon enter the Christmas party fray with their new Luminous Velvet lipstick.

3 mins 39s
21 Nov 2018
A healthy dose of neon ensures this promo for Justin Bieber lookalike Brunswick catches the eye.

Chemical Brothers
"Free Yourself"
6 mins 31s
16 Nov 2018
As the Chemical Brothers announce their ninth studio album, this lively promo pairs Tom Rowland and Ed Simon's latest track with an android rave.

Sky Cinema
15 Nov 2018
Sky Cinema present a bricks and mortar advent calendar for their festive offering, as the broadcaster promote their on-demand movie collection.

Heathrow Airport
1 min 35s
9 Nov 2018
Heathrow's teddy bear couple return for another touching holiday commercial in 2018.

Replay Jeans
"Stiff Jeans Zombies"
1 Nov 2018
This kinetic Replay commercial sees Neymar and Emily Ratajkowski battle a horde of ravenous - and sartorially challenged - zombies.

BBC Sounds
"Listen Without Limits"
31 Oct 2018
The BBC draw attention to their new Sounds app - which brings together all things audio, on demand - with this beautifully constructed ad.

"Mind Your Business"
24 Oct 2018
HSBC and global ambassador Richard Ayoade attempt to soothe business owners' nerves with this 60" ode to trade.

"Hunting the Poachers"
4 mins 55s
22 Oct 2018
This collaboration between the World Wildlife Fund and tech journal WIRED charts the Maasai Mara Nature Reserve's efforts to thwart poachers under cover of darkness.

American Express
22 Oct 2018
Desk lamps light the streets and children chase flocks of drones in Amex's whimsical take on city planning.

3 mins 58s
16 Oct 2018
Up-and-coming pop auteur Au/Ra makes a splash with this unnerving promo for 'Emoji'.

"Embrace Dirt"
10 Oct 2018
This 30" ode to muck from Persil may have clean freaks watching from behind the sofa, but there is a persuasive zeal to the brand's latest offering.

"Long Live the Queens"
5 Oct 2018
Even those of us with tresses far too short to warrant any styling beyond a rough towel-dry secretly covet GHD products.

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