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Electric Theatre Collective
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The Hour
3 mins 55s
20 Mar 2019
It's rare to see a video which is so perfectly aligned to the music track it promotes that the two are completely intertwined, but that's what you've got here in this film directed by Skunk's Ben Strebel for new music act The Hour.

"Jam Roly-Polys"
20 Mar 2019
Harry Redknapp's post-I'm A Celebrity bump continues with this 30" ad for GoDaddy.com.

"Upside Down House"
20 Mar 2019
Barclaycard continue to emphasise their unwavering commitment to supporting small businesses - however wacky their USP.

"We've Always Done It"
19 Mar 2019
"It's always been our birthright to love and listen to our bodies", says the narrator of this vibrant Nike commercial, as the brand champion diverse body shapes.

16 Mar 2019
BMW show off their 3 Series' latest technological feats in this vaguely psychedelic ad.

"To Play In These Boots"
13 Mar 2019
Anyone can wear a pair of Adidas Predator boots, but it takes more to play in them.

"It Starts With a Box"
12 Mar 2019
Online retailers Very riff on their familiar square logo in this well-constructed ad.

P & O Cruises
12 Mar 2019
Rob Brydon enjoys temperate climes in this attractively shot film for P & O.

Direct Line
"Tracey on Ice"
12 Mar 2019
Damp prevents a woman from reaching her full potential in this latest Direct Line commercial.

"Boob Brunch"
11 Mar 2019
Coffee mornings and bake offs are both fundraising staples, but breast cancer awareness charity CoppaFeel! bring something new to the table: a ‘Boob Brunch'.

Wiley, Stefflon Don, Sean Paul
"Boasty (ft Idris Elba)"
3 mins 36s
7 Mar 2019
Where to start? Not only is this a properly banging track, the video is brilliant too. Henry Schofield, you are a genius - as is the young actor Brooklyn Appiah.

"Call from Nature"
1 min 37s
1 Mar 2019
Michelob encourage beer lovers to, er, answer the call of nature in this impressive ad.

Little Simz
"Selfish (ft. Cleo Sol)"
4 mins 09s
1 Mar 2019
British rapper Little Simz has just released her sophomore album 'Grey AREA', and this classy promo from Jeremy Ngatho Cole should give listeners an idea of what to expect. Shot with a retro aesthetic and filled with Seventies-inspired fashion, the film sees multiple versions of Simz and collaborator Cleo Sol perform in a surreal, twilight-tinged world.

"The Butcher"
28 Feb 2019
Rather than present their wares in a typical showroom, Audi choose a butcher's shop to introduce their new Q8 model.

Ray Blk
4 mins 54s
20 Feb 2019
This black-and-white promo for Ray BLK's ‘Paradise' sees the Nigerian-born musician pay tribute to a lost friend.

Ford Focus
"The Beauty of Change Continued"
19 Feb 2019
Ford's latest ‘The Beauty of Change' ad sees a new wave of biomechanical butterflies take flight.

Coca Cola
"Everyone Plays"
8 Feb 2019
Coca Cola have teamed up with the Premier League for an inclusive new campaign.

Short Films
"Recorda Boi"
2 mins 49s
7 Feb 2019
This fine-tuned mockumentary from director Chris Goulder charts Recorda Boi's rise to prominence.

Vince Staples
2 mins 18s
31 Jan 2019
Ever wondered what would happen if a music video director hijacked Google Maps for their own ends? Well, Calmatic's tricksy new promo for Vince Staples may be right up your alley.

Short Films
3 mins 50s
30 Jan 2019
This hard-hitting spoof asks a tough question: how much of the business world's talk about diversity is just for show?

Tom Walker
"Just You and I"
3 mins 32s
24 Jan 2019
This endearing Tom Walker promo sees a man and a woman bound together by handcuffs.

"The Crystal Barn"
23 Jan 2019
Barclaycard insist that they take small businesses seriously... even those on the more esoteric side of things.

"Fill Your Heart"
23 Jan 2019
The Irish tourism industry turns to head-mounted cameras and heart rate monitors to coax visitors to the Emerald Isle.

"How Deep Is Your Love?"
16 Jan 2019
Adland's pantheon of bathrobe-clad blokes receives a new addition courtesy of this dulcet Wren commercial.

"Coming Home (ft. Kojey Radical)"
4 mins 37s
17 Jan 2019
Record producer and jazzophile Swindle enlists rapper Kojey Radical and a full brass brand for his latest track, ‘Coming Home'.

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