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"The Purse"

Matt said:

Not sure why this needed to be shot 4:3?



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Chemical Brothers
"Got To Keep On"
3 mins 07s
7 Feb 2019
Sibling directors Michel and Olivier Gondry enhance the track's retro vibe with a group of dancers grooving and shimmying... before morphing them into a gloop of milky one-ness.

Michelob Ultra
"The Pure Experience"
1 Feb 2019
Michelob Ultra jumps on the ASMR train in this sound-driven Super Bowl commercial.

"Hit Refresh"
31 Jan 2019
Those permanently on the brink of an office meltdown will appreciate these animated ads for software developers Freshworks.

Purple Bricks
30 Jan 2019
Purple Bricks explore pesky commission fees (or "commissery") in dramatic fashion in this operatic ad.

"Pampered Pooch"
12 Dec 2018
This amusing Jaguar commercial introduces Max - a dog with a taste for the finer things in life.

The 1975
"It's Not Living (If It's Not With You)"
7 mins 23s
5 Dec 2018
While The 1975's 'It's Not Living (If It's Not With You)' has that classic boy band sound, the promo gives it a welcome something extra as Warren Fu's direction turns Matty's onstage jog into a trip and a half.

Short Films
"Frank's Joke (trailer)"
3 Dec 2018
One poorly-received joke triggers a late night freak-out in this short film from director Ed Bulmers.

The 1975
"Sincerity is Scary"
4 mins 01s
23 Nov 2018
Even a fall down a manhole isn't enough to put Matty Healy off his stride in this well-choreographed promo for The 1975's ‘Sincerity is Scary'.

Tom Rosenthal
3 mins 02s
21 Nov 2018
Director and animator Katy Wang brings her signature textural style to this promo for Tom Rosenthal's ‘Forests'.

Roses Gabor
"I Could Be Yours"
3 mins 41s
19 Nov 2018
Director Sophie Jones's sophomore effort with R&B singer Roses Gabor is another accomplished promo that lulls viewers into a halcyon scene.

"The Big Night"
2 mins
11 Nov 2018
Sainsbury's get into the real spirit of Christmas with this joyful ad focused on a seasonal mainstay - the Christmas play.

28 Oct 2018
After years of living in the shadow of the likes of the middle finger and pinkie, the humble thumb takes centre stage in this off-beat commercial for Voxi.

Elvis Costello
"Suspect My Tears"
5 mins 01s
18 Oct 2018
This noirish animation from director Mustashrik depicts a torrid love affair in shades of black and white.

3 mins 58s
16 Oct 2018
Up-and-coming pop auteur Au/Ra makes a splash with this unnerving promo for 'Emoji'.

2 mins 43s
16 Oct 2018
This trail for much-hyped Netflix exclusive 'Elite' promises drama fiends a new source of intrigue.

Funding Circle
"Go Further"
8 Oct 2018
This is the longer version of the splendid new Funding Circle commercial that we reviewed in abbreviated form earlier this month.

North London Waste Authority
"Tin Man"
14 Sep 2018
The North London Waste Authority offers an unusual reinterpretation of the Tin Man in this amusing ad.

3 mins 30s
10 Sep 2018
The promo accompanying 'Funeral' cuts between rainy streets, shots of the artist, and unexpected flashes of urban decay.

"Dark July"
3 mins 37s
10 Sep 2018
One of two promos released for singer-songwriter Kenzie's ‘Dark July' EP, this piece by Camille Summers-Valli offers an accommodating spin on the title track.

British Gas
"Wilbur's Home"
3 Sep 2018
Wilbur the penguin ensures these DRTV ads for British Gas provide moderate entertainment value.

4 Sep 2018
So this is how Aero produce their bubbly wares, then - with a gramophone and big band music.

Funding Circle
"Go Further"
2 Sep 2018
Coin-operated amusements shall inherit the earth and elsewhere, according to this latest Funding Circle commercial.

Roses Gabor
3 mins 47s
20 Aug 2018
This painterly promo for Roses Gabor's latest track 'Illusions' brings fine art to the small screen.

John Frieda
"Hair Lottery"
13 Aug 2018
John Frieda insist curly hair needn't mean punters have lost the, er, "hair lottery" - so long as they use the brand's latest formula, that is.

"Style and Savagery"
8 Aug 2018
Gaming's efforts to shed its sweaty, anti-social stereotype continue with this characterful Lenovo ad.

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