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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

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"Bloody French"

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Jogger Studios
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Channel 4
"Be More Rainbow"
3 Jul 2020
Between acting as a symbol of hope during the pandemic and flying on flags during Pride month, the rainbow has been busier than usual in 2020.

Internet Watch Foundation
"Reporting Made Easy"
11 Feb 2020
The Internet Watch Foundation's 'special sock' returns for another tongue-in-cheek campaign.

Short Films
2 mins 08s
31 Jan 2020
This bouncy enough short film from director James Copeman features two girls that are part human, part rabbit, and all attitude.

"War on Disease"
23 Oct 2019
International aid organisation UNICEF declare war of a different kind in their latest campaign.

Ronald McDonald House Charities
7 Oct 2019
One might not immediately think of McDonald's when the topic of aiding families in need comes up, but their affiliated charity does just that.

Tu Clothing
"Summer of Love"
7 Jun 2019
This gleefully inclusive commercial from Tu Clothing thumbs its nose at the idea that diversity is a po-faced exercise.

Paddy Power
"Eric's Brexit Message"
2 mins 33s
19 Mar 2019
Trust Paddy Power to weigh in to the Brexit debate with this ad starring Eric Cantona.

Mint Mobile
"Chunky-Style Milk"
3 Feb 2019
This nauseating yet compelling ad for Mint Mobile uses 'chunky-style milk' to illustrate how much sense their $20/month wifi plan makes.

Tia Maria
"One of a Kind"
26 Nov 2018
The drinks sector's diversity drive continues at pace with this expressive 20" ad for Tia Maria.

Kathryn Joseph
5 mins
17 Oct 2018
The soft, minimalist melancholy of Kathryn Joseph's 1111 is beautifully complemented by Rob Chui's promo.

"Around the Block"
10 Sep 2018
There's been a lot of marketing activity in the US triggered by the start of the new NFL season but the game is not without its fans over here and this film from Skunk's Ehsan B lets them have their moment in the sun.

3 mins 04s
6 Sep 2018
This affecting film for BRAC draws attention to the plight of Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh.

Standard Chartered
1 min 40s
6 Aug 2018
This beautifully filmed commercial for Standard Chartered offers an insight into the lives of a community who are not yet connected to the power grid.

State of Decay 2
"Coach's Diary"
4 mins 13s
14 May 2018
More found-footage from this impressive State of Decay 2 launch campaign - this time, a grizzled vlogger offers his own zombie survival tips.

State of Decay 2
"Nurse's Diary"
4 mins 28s
11 May 2018
Tough day? Week? Month? Just be thankful you're not scrambling for supplies two years into a zombie apocalypse.

5 Apr 2018
Thought your job was tough? Try marking NBA All-Star James Harden by yourself.

Channel 4
26 Mar 2018
This Channel 4 promo celebrates motorsport's rivalries with a blend of contemporary and archive footage.

Veterans of Foreign War Department of Ohio
"The Sacrifice"
8 Mar 2018
This US public service announcement is a visceral plea to war veterans.

World Book Day
"A Girl Who Reads… Can Dream"
2 mins 09s
1 Mar 2018
This joyous ad for World Book Day celebrates the imagination of young girls.

"Proper Porridge Contest"
2 mins
15 Nov 2017
The Rowse boys ride again - one last hurrah from the Three Bears to wrap up a successful campaign.

"Awesome Energy Porridge"
1 min 39s
9 Nov 2017
The Three Bears return to cook up some more inventive oats for Rowse honey.

"Winter Survival"
1 min 48s
23 Oct 2017
Rowse update a familiar fairy tale for the modern world in their latest ad campaign.

Agent Provocateur
"Tease & Hustle"
3 mins
4 Sep 2017
Anton Corbijn's seductive pool game for Agent Provocateur is on-brand and skilfully paced.

"Ill Ray (The King)"
3 mins 40s
30 Aug 2017
Historians may balk at this Kasabian promo, but for everyone else, it's a king-sized romp.

BBC Sport
"Football Is... "
8 Aug 2017
This BBC Sport promo highlights the myriad ways fans can keep up with the Premier League this season.

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