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McVitie's Jaffa Cakes
15 Mar 2019
Over a decade since a Peruvian goat broke the internet, McVitie's unleash their own bleating beast on an unsuspecting public in this off-kilter ad.

Standard Chartered
13 Mar 2019
Standard Chartered celebrate the potential of youth in this sweet commercial.

The Bachelor
"Let Battle Commence"
6 Mar 2019
Competitive dating show 'The Bachelor' returns to UK screens with this dreamy trail.

4 mins 33s
26 Feb 2019
This supple promo for EDM up-and-comers Prospa asks a group of Ukrainian adults what dance music means to them.

"Wild Spirits"
22 Feb 2019
Director George Messa has made a sterling job of lifting the rather leaden rhyming script with some atmospheric shots.

Barny Fletcher
"Christ Flow"
2 mins 14s
19 Feb 2019
Taichi Kimura's brilliantly energetic promo captures the mood of Barny Fletcher's rap track 'Christ Flow' bubbles with that barely-contained, feelgood frenzy last heard in the '90s.

12 Feb 2019
One of three BT ads concerned with customer perks, this latest instalment touts the brand's network of wifi hotspots.

11 Feb 2019
BT Broadband intend to increase the attraction of their mobile network by offering an extra £5 a month off.

"Do Not Disturb"
3 mins 55s
11 Feb 2019
KLVDR's second promo for Mahalia is a polished performance clip that highlights her poise and charisma.

8 Feb 2019
This purple-tinged number benefits from neat VFX and some amusing facial reactions from the cast.

"Pampered Pooch"
12 Dec 2018
This amusing Jaguar commercial introduces Max - a dog with a taste for the finer things in life.

7 Dec 2018
German supermarket chain Rewe are the latest brand to put hearing loss at the centre of their 2018 Christmas campaign.

Model Man
4 mins 34s
4 Dec 2018
Beatmakers Model Man consist of brothers Mark and Rob Brandon, and it's the latter who directs this beguiling promo for new track ‘Ketones'.

Air China
"Follow Your Dreams"
2 mins
3 Dec 2018
All-round "tea specialist" Lera flies Air China to visit one of the country's vast tea plantations.

The Streets
"Call Me In The Morning (ft Chip & Grim Sickers)"
4 mins 03s
27 Nov 2018
Mike Skinner is back, directing his own video for new track 'Call Me In The Morning'. He's impossible to look away from - this is a promo that needs watching again and again.

Eve Sleep
23 Nov 2018
Foam mattress pedlars Eve aim to make morning people of us all, according to this understated commercial.

22 Nov 2018
This stark Oxfam film underlines the human cost of Yemen's ongoing civil war.

Short Films
"The End of the Line"
1 min 38s
20 Nov 2018
This mediative documentary reveals what goes through the mind of a slackline walker in mid-air.

A$AP Rocky
"Fukk Sleep"
3 mins 31s
5 Nov 2018
This striking A$AP Rocky video finds the rapper in a belligerent mood as he pulls an especially vivid all-nighter.

Ray Blk
4 mins 11s
2 Nov 2018
Singer Ray BLK has already raised the bar for Mother's Day gifts with ‘Mama' - a gospel-inflected ode to single motherhood.

Mainline Menswear
2 Nov 2018
Mainline's debut commercial finds the menswear retailer in a spin, albeit a stylish one.

"Hunting the Poachers"
4 mins 55s
22 Oct 2018
This collaboration between the World Wildlife Fund and tech journal WIRED charts the Maasai Mara Nature Reserve's efforts to thwart poachers under cover of darkness.

Grace Carter
"Why Her Not Me"
3 mins 53s
12 Oct 2018
Brighton-raised songstress Grace Carter goes for a loaded walk on the beach in this James Slater-directed promo for ‘Why Her Not Me'.

"What Have You Done"
3 mins 34s
18 Sep 2018
Director Femi Ladi brings KWAYE's heritage to the fore in this dance promo for 'What Have You Done'.

Sam Fender
"Dead Boys"
3 mins 28s
5 Sep 2018
Sam Fender's track confronts the issue of suicide in young men, asking why our culture is still so hostile to the idea of men showing emotion.

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