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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

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Mike Sutherland
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John Lewis
"Making The Boy and the Piano"
3 mins 45s
21 Jan 2019
This enlightening behind-the-scenes documentary underlines the craftsmanship required to bring the John Lewis 2018 Christmas ad to life.

The Red Cross
"The One Gift Santa Can't Deliver"
1 min 40s
26 Nov 2018
Santa Claus cuts a haunted figure in this stark Christmas ad from the International Committee for the Red Cross.

John Lewis
"Elton's Piano"
2 mins 20s
15 Nov 2018
The rumours around Elton John's involvement in this year's John Lewis Christmas ad were true then.

Sky Sports
"Take Your Seat"
29 Jul 2018
This trail for Sky Sports' coverage of premiership football is a beautiful encapsulation of the eager anticipation which greets the new season.

The Red Cross
12 Dec 2017
The International Committee of the Red Cross and HLA's Simon Ratigan summon every parent's worst nightmare in this 90" awareness film.

28 Nov 2017
A dedicated concierge gets the appreciation he deserves in this heartwarming ad for Samsung.

Sky Sports
"Premier League"
20 Aug 2017
With the Premier League well underway, Sky Sports have a, er, flutter on the footie.

Sky Sports
17 Jul 2017
Looks like Sky Sports have borrowed a few butterflies from their Sky Arts colleagues.

Virgin Holidays
10 Jan 2017
Characteristic stuff from Virgin Holidays: bright, bold, and set to an energising soundtrack sure to grab viewers' attention.

Virgin Holidays
"Seize the Holiday"
10 Sep 2016
Those behind this Virgin Holidays ad which was broadcast live on ITV made an astute decision when they offered everyone who supported it on social media the opportunity to win a holiday in an exotic location.

Mars Bars
"Sea of Support"
13 May 2016
With Euro 2016 just a few weeks away from kick off, however, Mars extol the power of belief in this amusing Channel crossing.

Mars Bars
"Pink Bike"
1 Jan 2016
A lovely addition to the 'Winning' series for Mars has a man suddenly discovering he's forgotten about an imminent rendezvous. Jumping aboard his trusty bike, he discovers a puncture... but he will not be thwarted.

"Jensen's Challenge"
2 mins 11s
3 Dec 2015
Jenson Button proves he's a good sport in every sense as he takes on a challenge set up by Mobil in this online film for the motor oil.

Currys PC World
"Secret Santa"
5 Nov 2015
In this wry spot for Currys PC World, Jeff Goldblum gives some unsolicited advice to Russ, the employee at the office party who's already on "thin ice".

Currys PC World
1 min 55s
5 Nov 2015
Jeff Goldblum helps this family react with a little more encouragement to an decidedly unsuccessful Christmas dinner.

Currys PC World
"Talc Powder"
5 Nov 2015
Next to receive some of Jeff Goldblum's pointers is a man who's less than enthused by his partner's gift - peppermint-scented talc powder.

Currys PC World
2 mins 30s
4 Nov 2015
Currys PC World's terrific Christmas campaign centres on the moments of strained enthusiasm we radiate when our nearest and dearest don't quite provide the Christmas of our dreams.

Currys PC World
4 Nov 2015
This particular execution in the Currys PC World Christmas campaign has Jeff Goldblum finding himself having a meta-existential crisis in a nana's living room.

Road Safety
"50th Anniversary"
14 Nov 2014
The Road Safety campaign has been largely instrumental in dramatically reducing drink drive deaths over the past 50 years as this brave and sensitive film shows.

"Made of Black"
1 min 50s
28 Aug 2014
Badass, hi-octane, supercharged - this pan-African ad for Guinness is nothing if not rammed to the gills with attitude.

Walkers Pops
"Flying Potatoes"
8 Mar 2014
The tranquillity of a sleepy village is shattered as strange missiles cause havoc when they hit random targets in this spot for new Walkers Pops.

Foot Locker
"Sneaker Decks"
1 min 45s
28 May 2013
Slick little piece focusing on people going through their paces on a movement-responsive dance floor.

"St Patrick's Day"
2 mins 35s
5 Mar 2012
In this fun viral designed to capture attention in the run up to St Patrick's day, the difficulty of keeping your friends in line when you're out on the town is brought into focus.

"Feed Your Family"
4 May 2011
This ad addresses the difficulty of buying all the food needed to keep a family of four going.

"Groovy Kind Of Love"
2 mins
27 Apr 2011
Gary Lineker is linked romantically with Elle Macpherson in the latest addition to the considerable canon of Walker's ads featuring the footballer turned pundit.

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