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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

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"A Holiday Reunion"

Ashley said:

The 4 min version for xfinity is better https://youtu.be/Pdgk3ERKdug Is this a franchised trailer?



Dougal Wilson
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John Lewis & Waitrose
"The Making Of Excitable Edgar"
3 mins 49s
3 Dec 2019
Virtually every blockbuster worth its salt has a making-of film prepared, so it makes sense for John Lewis & Waitrose to follow suit.

Waitrose & Partners
"Excitable Edgar"
27 Nov 2019
Excitable Edgar must curb his incendiary enthusiasm when he's presented with a tableful of Waitrose grub.

John Lewis & Waitrose
"Excitable Edgar"
2 mins 30s
14 Nov 2019
The most eagerly-awaited (or should that be Edgarly-awaited) commercial of the year has been released... the John Lewis Christmas ad - brought to you this year in association with their supermarket partners Waitrose.

AT & T
"The Train"
28 May 2019
This genre-hopping expedition from US telecom giant AT & T demonstrates director Dougal Wilson's ability to handle drama and comedy with equal panache.

"A Little Company"
30 Nov 2018
This affectionate iPhone commercial proves the Elvis impersonator trade is in rude health as a group of multinational Presleys share their passion via Group FaceTime.

John Lewis Partnership
"Bohemian Rhapsody"
5 Sep 2018
This 90" edit of Tuesday's internet breaker dives straight into a school's ad hoc rendition of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody'.

John Lewis Partnership
"Bohemian Rhapsody"
2 mins 30s
4 Sep 2018
John Lewis and Waitrose have some together for an ad that's not a Christmas ad, except that it is. It's also awesome.

16 Apr 2018
Dougal Wilson has directed another beautifully designed ad for IKEA.

Apple iPhone
18 Mar 2018
In this fun piece for Apple by director Dougal Wilson, we're offered a glimpse of what might happen if someone gets a bit carried away with the whole facial unlocking thing.

Channel 4
3 mins
1 Nov 2017
Across four charming idents, Channel 4 and Blink's Dougal Wilson unveil a new Iron Giant.

Apple iPhone
18 May 2017
Aple show their iPhone 7's portrait feature single-handedly turning a sleepy barber shop into a thriving business.

John Lewis
"Buster the Boxer"
2 mins
10 Nov 2016
The John Lewis Christmas ad has arrived. Let's put the last forty-eight hours behind us.

Channel 4 Paralympics Coverage
"We're the Superhumans"
2 mins 53s
14 Jul 2016
Channel 4's coverage of the Paralympics is given a huge lift-off by this magnificent film from Dougal Wilson.

Stealing Sheep
3 mins 45s
20 Oct 2015
Stealing Sheep's latest track 'Apparition' brings a strange whiff of pagan folksiness into the clean and precise world of electronic music - and Morris Dancing is the only thing that could make it even better.

John Lewis
"Tiny Dancer"
21 Aug 2015
In a performance worthy of Abigail Breslin in Little Miss Sunshine, a young girl dances her heart out around the house.

Arla Skyr
"The Messenger"
20 Apr 2015
This charming commercial for an Icelandic yoghurt launching in the UK tells the unlikely tale of a young messenger who was so efficient that his home town only required one telephone.

"The Joy of Storage"
9 Jan 2015
Another iconic wonder from Ikea is presented for our delectation... and what a wonder it is.

John Lewis
"Monty the Penguin"
2 mins
6 Nov 2014
It's Christmas. It's John Lewis. Need we say more.

John Lewis
"150 Years"
4 May 2014
This spot for John Lewis celebrates their 150th year of "never standing still", just like their customers.

"Adventure Awaits"
6 Apr 2014
W+K's extraordinary run of commercials for Lurpak has

Business in the Community
"Second Chance"
24 Oct 2013
There's always a danger when a piece of work is especially clever that its message will be lost along the way, but this piece of film advocating a second chance for people who've been to prison uses its trick quite brilliantly and really stands a chance of making employers rethink their approach.

St John Ambulance
"Save the Boy"
16 Sep 2013
An astonishingly strong ad from the charity, alerting us to the reasons why it's so crucial to know first aid.

John Lewis
"Things Matter"
18 Aug 2013
Dougal Wilson has worked his usual magic in the latest commercial for John Lewis.

"The Pony"
1 Mar 2013
This is the commercial that Three have been teasing us with very the last few days and we can immediately see why they were so excited about it.

27 Feb 2013
One of several in an strange new teaser campaign for Three Mobile.

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