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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

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Seb Edwards
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John Lewis
"Making The Boy and the Piano"
3 mins 45s
21 Jan 2019
This enlightening behind-the-scenes documentary underlines the craftsmanship required to bring the John Lewis 2018 Christmas ad to life.

John Lewis
"Elton's Piano"
2 mins 20s
15 Nov 2018
The rumours around Elton John's involvement in this year's John Lewis Christmas ad were true then.

Jon Hopkins
5 mins 23s
18 Sep 2018
What a pleasure it is to watch the promo Seb Edwards has made for Jon Hopkins's 'Singularity': a spellbinding tour de force of visual trickery and caprice.

29 May 2017
This extraordinarily beautiful film by Academy's Seb Edwards takes the idea of an unstoppable connection between a man and a woman and paints an exquisite picture of timeless longing.

2 mins 50s
22 Nov 2016
AMV BBDO capture all the warmth of the holiday season with none of the schmaltz in this touching ad for HP.

Arch Birds
"Be The Fastest"
2 mins 39s
23 Aug 2016
Academy Films' Seb Edwards directs this promo by London outfit Arch Birds, which came about as part of Virgin Media's series of vignettes featuring Usain Bolt.

Virgin Media
"9.58 Seconds"
1 min 40s
6 Jul 2016
"Do you know what 9.58 seconds feels like?" Thanks to this kinetic piece of work for Virgin Media, we've got plenty of definitions to work from.

"Idle Hands"
29 Feb 2016
The sense of dread in this intelligently-written spot for the YMCA is ratcheted up by the music; a note rising higher and higher as the tension is wound ever tighter.

Rainbow 6 Siege
"Siege The Day"
23 Nov 2015
This live action ad for 'Rainbow 6 Siege' has Idris Elba narrating on a hostage rescue with his signature authority.

The Prince's Trust
"Learn the Hard Way"
4 Feb 2015
This film for the Prince's Trust leads us through a series of vignettes which powerfully remind us how tough it can be when opportunities aren't served to you on a plate.

Army Recruitment
"Restoring Normal Days"
18 Jan 2015
This film depicts the British Army as the saviour of many a situation.

"Life is a Beautiful Sport"
3 Mar 2014
This visually stunning commercial for Lacoste demonstrates that it's possible to make a grandiose fashion ad that works.

"Journey to Surf"
25 Feb 2014
This arresting ad for Jägermeister follows a group of young men through the inhospitable terrain of Iceland in pursuit of the ultimate surf experience.

"Thank You"
29 Oct 2013
Tribute is paid to the dedication of fans in faraway places who climb aboard buses to travel the great distances required to support their team.

Red Cross
"I Am A Crisis"
26 Sep 2012
A young woman representing all the crises and ill fortune endured by human beings casually reveals her identity in this striking film for the Red Cross.

Road Safety Authority
"In Their Shoes"
15 May 2012
In this Irish road safety film, road users are reminded that the people they affect are just like them.

"Farmer's Son"
12 May 2012
It's sentimentality all the way in this stirring commercial for Hovis.

4 Apr 2012
A young man working in the fashion industry has a successful meeting while a Jerry Garcia lookalike runs for a bus.

"Train Journey"
20 Feb 2012
HSBC have noticed that we're leading increasingly International lives and so they claim that they've made it easier to transfer money abroad.

James Blake
"A Case Of You"
2 mins 52s
10 Jan 2012
Actress Rebecca Hall weakens the knees when she looks intently into the camera in this pop promo for a song by James Blake.

2 mins
12 Jul 2011
This ad celebrating HTC's sponsorship of a team in this year's Tour de France shows a bunch of cyclists making their way through Warsaw.

"Roberto Custodio"
24 May 2011
This ad for a Brazilian fashion company that also raises money for charity focuses on Roberto Custodio, a boxer who rejected gangsterism.

Virgin Media
"A More Exciting Place To Live"
4 Feb 2011
This beautifully filmed commercial errs on the side of grandiosity but has the gravitas to get away with it.

"Morning Confusion"
25 Jan 2010
Various people suffer minor mishaps resulting from early morning confusion.

"Like A Golf"
14 Aug 2009
Various people are shown seeking a car or comparing a car with the VW Golf.

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