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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

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Steve Annis
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"Body 2 Body"
2 mins 40s
16 Jun 2019
DJ, producer, and head of record label Area 10 MK (Marc Kinchen) gets intimate with this sleek ode to getting skin-to-skin.

28 Jan 2019
A pilot refuses to let Mother Nature spoil his day in this ad for the BMW 7 Series.

Road Safety (Republic of Ireland)
"Noel Clancy"
10 Jan 2019
This Irish road safety film highlights a little-mentioned risk of the road: unaccompanied learner drivers.

"Heavy Metal"
4 mins 26s
13 Dec 2018
'Heavy Metal' isn't related to Ozzy et al in the slightest. It's more like Toccata and Fugue had a weird threesome with Gesaffelstein and mid-era prog rock.

"Use Your Vote"
11 Nov 2018
This excellent film by Benito Montorio for Levi's - an extended version of an ad we featured earlier in the year - beautifully encapsulates the importance of voting.

"Use Your Vote"
1 Oct 2018
With just a few weeks to go until the mid-term elections determine whether the US has learned its lesson from the ongoing Trump clusterfuck, Levi's offer a timely reminder of the importance of voting.

2 mins
14 Sep 2018
The National Lottery have launched a new campaign to demonstrate the life-enhancing effects of winning the jackpot.

Audi A6
"Learn Your Journey"
5 Aug 2018
What if your car could learn you journeys and make better decisions than you?

"The Thread"
24 Jul 2018
Orange goes to great lengths to demonstrate that amid the hubbub of the contemporary world with its myriad technologies and oceans of people, theirs is the brand which connects us.

Max Richter
"On The Nature Of Daylight"
3 mins 36s
25 Jun 2018
This slow-burning promo for Max Richter's 'On The Nature Of Daylight' finds Elisabeth Moss on the road to nowhere.

Young Fathers
3 mins 17s
21 Jun 2018
'Toy' is Young Fathers' latest release; a driving, fiercely intense number whose pace and chorus director Salomon Ligthelm has used as inspiration for the video.

5 mins 21s
13 Jun 2018
This engrossing promo for French-Congolese duo Tshegue depicts a deaf woman's daily grind in a bustling township.

Leon Bridges
"Bet Ain't Worth the Hand"
4 mins 54s
5 Apr 2018
This engrossing promo combines magical realism with a subtle emotional sensibility.

Leon Bridges
"Bad Bad News"
6 mins 06s
27 Mar 2018
Model Paloma Elsesser delivers a captivating performance in this Leon Bridges promo.

Apple Watch
19 Sep 2017
Over three years since its launch, the Apple Watch finally makes an impression.

"What About Us"
5 mins 21s
17 Aug 2017
This promo for 'What About Us', directed by Georgia Hudson, brings a sheen to the darkness of inner city life.

"Herren des Feuers"
1 min 53s
15 Aug 2017
If you're aiming for 'over the top' then it's a good idea to go way over the top as director Isaiah Seret has in this marvellously bombastic film for EDEKA.

Apple AirPods
16 Jan 2017
The first advertising push for Apple's AirPod earphones has a job on its hands.

Road Safety (Republic of Ireland)
"Crashed Lives"
1 min 50s
5 Dec 2016
This gruelling road safety film gives words to the unspeakable.

Tove Lo
"Cool Girl"
3 mins 55s
29 Aug 2016
Tove Lo's 'Lady Wood' is an album of two halves: 'Fairy Dust' and 'Fire Fade'. This first release - 'Cool Girl - is, in effect, chapter one of 'Fairy Dust'.

Under Armour
13 Jul 2016
For those of us who struggled with arithmetic at school, this quick-fire commercial for Under Armour may feel like a machine gun volley from your maths teacher.

The Prince's Trust
"Parallel Lives"
11 Jun 2016
It's difficult to recall a more effective use of split-screen than that seen in this admirably restrained film highlighting the role of The Prince's Trust in guiding young people away from potential disastrous lifestyle choices.

"Don't Worry About Me"
3 mins 45s
4 May 2016
Young singer-songwriter Frances has penned a touching song for someone who has been there for her and who she now wants to be strong for in turn.

"Spark Brilliance"
6 Apr 2016
Paris Saint-Germain and France midfielder Blaise Matuidi is the star of Nike's energetic tribute to the moments that trigger a lifelong passion for football.

New Order
"Tutti Frutti"
4 mins 39s
3 Feb 2016
An ageing fantaicis takes centre-stage in this moving promo for New Order's latest single Tutti Frutti.

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