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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

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Shirley O'Connor
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"The Getaway"
14 Aug 2019
Renault pay homage (or borrow the keys to) Nicolas Winding Refn's 'Drive' as the brand continue their sponsorship of Premier League football on Sky.

Virgin Media
17 Jun 2019
adam&eveDDB's first piece of work for Virgin Media is a blackly humorous twist on the brand's familiar bombast

"Let's Do Something Incredible"
13 May 2019
This well-calibrated outing for Nicorette is all about positive tension.

Comic Relief
"Wise Words"
2 mins
19 Mar 2019
Comic Relief strike a heartfelt tone in this charming film, drawing attention to the charity's thirty-odd years of fund-raising.

John Lewis
"Making The Boy and the Piano"
3 mins 45s
21 Jan 2019
This enlightening behind-the-scenes documentary underlines the craftsmanship required to bring the John Lewis 2018 Christmas ad to life.

John Lewis
"Elton's Piano"
2 mins 20s
15 Nov 2018
The rumours around Elton John's involvement in this year's John Lewis Christmas ad were true then.

New York Bagels
"Social Media"
21 Sep 2017
You won't be surprised to learn New York Bakery's octogenarian spokesperson has a lot on her mind.

New York Bagels
21 Sep 2017
Edna sets the record straight on another topic for New York Bagels - this time taking aim at England.

New York Bagels
19 Sep 2017
The Mayor of New York City may be surprised to learn he doesn't run the Big Apple - an eighty-something baker called Edna does.

6 Mar 2017
Tesco's latest Food Love Story sees Alice attempt to sweeten things after a family argument.

"Nuts and Bolts"
15 Jan 2017
NatWest reveals what they've been up to recently: "We've been thinking about nuts and bolts". Don't worry, they're going somewhere with this.

"Chicken McNuggets"
10 Nov 2016
McDonald's aim to set the record straight on Chicken McNuggets... again.

Pearl & Dean
"Tumbleweed Trainer"
1 min 45s
26 Sep 2016
Pearl & Dean's campaign championing behind-the-scenes stars of cinema takes us back to the golden age of Westerns.

Co-op Supermarkets
"Park Barbie"
17 Aug 2016
Percy the Park Keeper might take umbrage with folk setting up disposable barbecues on his turf, but the peckish duo in this 10" Co-op ad look to have everything under control.

Co-op Supermarkets
2 Aug 2016
It seems rocking up at the local park with a novelty flying disc does wonders for your social life, according to this latest 10" ad from the Co-op's summer of spontaneity.

Co-op Supermarkets
"Ice Cream Float"
12 Jul 2016
The Co-op's drive to get us to inspired by the British summer's capricious nature continues with this ad charting how Meg and Greg's lunch hour has taken a watery turn.

Co-op Supermarkets
"Quiet Night In"
20 Jun 2016
This postscript to the main campaign is built around a get-together to watch the football.

Co-op Supermarkets
"The British Summer"
25 May 2016
This playful commercial moves back in time and forward again as it describes how some friends adapt to an unexpected moment of sunshine by holding an impromptu beach party.

"Arm Wrestle"
4 Apr 2016
Weetabix make a claim for the longest arm wrestle in history with this nicely-shot ad promoting their new protein-infused cereal.

"Dear Santa"
17 Nov 2015
Vodafone once again balances a heart-warming story with the brand's message with their Christmas ad for the Irish market.

Pearl & Dean
"Back of the Head"
2 mins 41s
8 Jul 2015
Pearl & Dean, the cinema advertising company whose jingle is apparently as well known as Big Ben's chimes, takes an affectionate look at the unsung heroes of cinema in this sweet spoof.

Alzheimer's Society
18 May 2015
This powerful spot for the Alzheimer's Society opens on a voluble family meal, where everyone's adding their bit to the conversation.

"Perfect Face"
1 min 51s
9 Apr 2015
An extension of Snickers' 'You're not you when you're hungry' campaign sees popular Youtubers joining in.

"Top DIY Hacks"
2 mins 08s
9 Apr 2015
In this Youtube video, a popular DIY presenter is off his game - which is down to the fact he hasn't eaten his daily Snickers.

Save The Children
"Give A Little Love"
30 Nov 2014
This lovely, low-key ad for Save The Children shows a little boy who lives in a very poor area but nonetheless shares whatever he has.

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