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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

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Conservative Party
"Love Actually"

Matt said:

Look forward to revisiting this at the end of the year when Brexit very much isn't done.



Simon Cooper
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Vauxhall Corsa
"Switch It Up"
12 Dec 2019
Vauxhall double-down on electric car technology with this Corsa-e commercial.

"Limited Edition"
10 Dec 2019
Delicacy is the name of the game in this quietly satisfying commercial for Prada's limited edition collaboration with Adidas.

Renault Clio
"The French Exchange"
2 mins 10s
9 Nov 2019
Renault chart the evolution of a relationship through the years in this touching commercial for their Clio model.

Diamond Producers Association
"The Diamond Journey"
3 mins 59s
14 Oct 2019
A diamond's journey through the ages takes centre stage in this intriguing film for the Diamond Producers Association.

"Fast Asleep"
23 Sep 2019
Rare is the car ad that leaves test drives to the imagination, but that's precisely what Audi have done here.

"We Are Nurses"
17 Sep 2019
The nurses who keep the NHS running take centre stage in the health service's latest recruitment drive.

"6AM (Ready to Write) ft. Joe Rogan"
3 mins 58s
9 Sep 2019
Recreational drugs get surreal in this weird promo for Beardyman's latest single '6AM'.

"Offshore Wind"
1 min 40s
28 Jun 2019
A tour of an offshore wind farm may not be everyone's idea of fun, but it is to Danish energy supplier ěrsted.

Virgin Media
17 Jun 2019
adam&eveDDB's first piece of work for Virgin Media is a blackly humorous twist on the brand's familiar bombast

23 Apr 2019
ITV's decision to put their faith in Uncommon is paying dividends and the latest film to result from their relationship is immensely powerful.

"Is It A Big Mac?"
2 Feb 2019
This is a super way to introduce a minor variant of the Big Mac.

John Lewis
"Making The Boy and the Piano"
3 mins 45s
21 Jan 2019
This enlightening behind-the-scenes documentary underlines the craftsmanship required to bring the John Lewis 2018 Christmas ad to life.

John Lewis
"Elton's Piano"
2 mins 20s
15 Nov 2018
The rumours around Elton John's involvement in this year's John Lewis Christmas ad were true then.

"It All Starts Here"
2 Aug 2018
There's a wry sense of humour to this technically complex Bwin ad which draws us in from the word go.

"Salt in Our Blood"
3 mins 25s
13 Jun 2018
Our blood has the same salt content as ocean water and we should care for the ocean as such - that's the premise of this excellent short film.

8 Feb 2018
A second Super Bowl outing for Squarespace sees Keanu Reeves back in the driver's seat... or standing on it.

Short Films
"Cautionary Tales"
8 mins 05s
26 Jan 2018
This entertaining film demonstrates the perils of ignoring received wisdom... no matter how outlandish.

Greater London Authority
"London Needs You Alive"
20 Nov 2017
This inspirational ad for the Greater London Authority launches a new campaign to combat knife crime in the capital.

Waitrose & Partners
"Snowed In"
13 Nov 2017
Waitrose's Christmas commercial ticks most of the boxes you hope will receive an affirmative mark at this time of year, but you can't get away from a rather strange decision.

"This is Us"
13 Mar 2017
This film is one of three Nike spots commissioned for International Women's Day, each focused on a different part of the world.

6 Jan 2017
A woman expresses herself on the dance floor in this uplifting yet understated BUPA commercial.

"The Flying Passenger"
2 mins 06s
29 Nov 2016
Volvo like to think outside the box when it comes to demonstrating their trucks. Ever heard of inland paragliding?

"Ice Cave Rave"
24 Apr 2016
Jean-Claude Van Damme reprises his role as the Ice Man in this promotional spot for Coors.

2 mins
16 Feb 2016
In this spot, Android uses a brilliantly simple and effective concept to demonstrate the importance of difference in all areas of life.

Channel 4
"New Identity"
3 mins 05s
30 Sep 2015
These oblique new idents for Channel 4 are extraordinary, and extraordinarily beautiful. Four in total, their cast includes a super-organism made of white-coated scientists; a shamanic bee figure; a magnified mite, and multi-hued crystals.

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