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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

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Ninian Doff
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"Change a Bit For Good"
5 Jun 2021
Even Greta Thunberg found herself unable to dis IKEA in a recent 'Unpopular Opinions' slot on Radio 1.

Robinsons Cordials
"Let There Be Fruit"
23 May 2021
Cheesy and cheerful, this ad for Robinsons brings some vintage fun to the small screen.

Run The Jewels
"Out of Sight"
4 mins 24s
4 Sep 2020
An unusual attempted heist takes centre stage in this entertaining promo for Run The Jewels' latest track 'Out of Sight'.

Avanti West Coast
"Let's Get Together"
25 Feb 2020
This community-minded outing for Avanti West Coast - the successor to Virgin West Coast - suggests successful rail travel is a joint effort.

"Nicholas the Sweep"
2 mins 30s
12 Nov 2019
This rollicking two-and-a-half minute ad from Sainsbury's charts the origins of one Nicholas the chimney sweep.

1 Nov 2019
First contact is almost foiled by a fried megaphone in this part-animated caper for Duracell.

Financial Conduct Authority
6 Aug 2019
And so ends the payment protection insurance (PPI) saga once and for all.

Heart FM
16 Jun 2019
The real star of this Heart FM commercial isn't Jamie Theakston or Amanda Holden, but a computer-generated bee with a love of EDM.

Financial Conduct Authority
18 Jun 2019
'Arnold Schwarzenegger' has an urgent question for his high school sweetheart, Gertrude.

Financial Conduct Authority
17 Jun 2019
The Financial Conduct Authority deliver one of the most disturbing renditions of Jennifer Paige's 'Crush' imaginable.

Financial Conduct Authority
"Pressing Matters"
17 Jun 2019
Time's almost up for lingering PPI claims in this anticipatory ad for the Financial Conduct Authority.

Chemical Brothers
"We've Got to Try"
4 mins 27s
12 Mar 2019
The first half of this Chemical Brothers promo from director Ninian Doff feels like a left-field Formula One commercial.

Veg Power
25 Jan 2019
This joint venture between ITV and Veg Power aims to enlist their help in defeating an army of rampaging vegetables.

The Circle
"Social Experiment"
28 Aug 2018
Channel 4 give viewers a look at their new reality show 'The Circle' in this intriguing ad.

6 Mar 2017
The Dulux dog returns after the world's muddiest walk in this amusing commercial for the brand's 'Easycare' paint range.

Leo Vegas
"Double Vegas"
21 Feb 2017
It turns out that Leo Vegas is such a vast online casino it needs not one but two brand ambassadors... enter the perfectly-named Johnny Vegas.

Miike Snow
"Pull My Trigger"
3 mins 22s
23 Aug 2016
Miike Snow's follow-up to 'Ghengis Khan' is as poppy and infectious as its predecessor - so it made perfect sense to director Ninian Doff to create a follow-up promo too.

"Don't You (Forget About Me)"
2 mins 43s
9 Aug 2016
Temptations turn to Simple Minds for this beautifully realised tale of a cat yearning for attention from his material girl owner.

Run The Jewels
"Love Again (ft Gangsta Boo)"
3 mins 54s
19 Apr 2016
Ninian Doff's promo for 'Love Again' by Run The Jewels is supercharged sexy. But not in the way you might expect.

Miike Snow
"Genghis Khan"
4 mins 07s
13 Jan 2016
Appropriately for Miike Snow's 'Genghis Khan', Ninian Doff has created a video that should appeal to fans of blockbuster schlock and indie quirkiness alike.

"House Of Horrors"
2 mins
29 Oct 2015
First Tesco exposed unsuspecting shoppers to some ghoulish goings-on, and now giffgaff are the latest brand to put us through the ringer.

Chemical Brothers
"Sometimes I Feel So Deserted"
4 mins 14s
18 Aug 2015
A zombie-style dystopia set in a desert, Ninian Doff's promo for I Feel So Deserted not only raises the bar but propels it into space.

Pearl & Dean
"Back of the Head"
2 mins 41s
8 Jul 2015
Pearl & Dean, the cinema advertising company whose jingle is apparently as well known as Big Ben's chimes, takes an affectionate look at the unsung heroes of cinema in this sweet spoof.

Hula Hoops
"Music Video"
23 Jun 2015
Imagination has been brought to life in this sparky commercial for Hula Hoops which suggests they're as much fun to play with as they are to eat.

"Perfect Face"
1 min 51s
9 Apr 2015
An extension of Snickers' 'You're not you when you're hungry' campaign sees popular Youtubers joining in.

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