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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

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Deepa Keshvala
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"Coming Home (ft. Kojey Radical)"
4 mins 37s
17 Jan 2019
Record producer and jazzophile Swindle enlists rapper Kojey Radical and a full brass brand for his latest track, ‘Coming Home'.

"Viva la Vulva"
2 mins 55s
24 Nov 2018
This taboo-smashing display of empathy for Libresse hits all the right notes.

White Ribbon
"If Love Hurts"
2 mins 12s
7 Nov 2018
Domestic abuse charity White Ribbon mark this year's International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women with a heightened depiction of an abusive relationship

"10 More Rounds"
3 mins 27s
16 Aug 2018
Rising talent Flohio shows off her formidable rhyming skills in this intriguing promo for track '10 More Rounds'.

"Believe As One"
16 Jul 2018
On the back of England's unexpected World Cup run, this ad for Nike celebrates the value of teamwork.

Chaka Khan
"Like Sugar"
4 mins
28 Jun 2018
This Chaka Khan promo is stuck on repeat in the best possible way.

Jordan Max
3 mins 18s
26 Jun 2018
The fire rises in Hector Dockrill's latest promo for Jordan Max - this time, the Oldham-born soul merchant means war.

Google Arts & Culture
"Millicent Fawcett"
2 May 2018
Google Arts & Culture have released this pacy film to mark the installation of the first statue of a woman outside Parliament.

Stella McCartney
11 Dec 2017
Those currently enduring sub-zero temperatures will appreciate this summery gym session courtesy of Stella McCartney POP.

Jordan Max
3 mins 49s
19 Apr 2016
Jordan Max may be only 23 with a name that sounds like footwear, but his brooding track 'Hell' comes from an older, more sophisticated perspective.

Big Issue North
3 mins 20s
19 Apr 2016
Bullion's Joăo Retorta and Prose frontman Mike Murray join forces for this heartfelt insight into Murray's experience of homelessness on the streets of Stretford.

"I'm Aquarius"
4 mins 11s
20 Dec 2013
Metronomy's new track I'm Aquarius is a fabulously cheesy celebration of how we thought the future might look.

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