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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

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Mark Molloy
(1-10 of 10)

3 mins 45s
15 Jul 2020
This engaging piece of work for Apple explores the foibles and frustrations of working from home.

"The Surprise"
3 mins
3 Dec 2019
The track 'Married Life' by Michael Giacchino is so firmly attached to the 2009 Pixar film 'Up' that you'd think that it'd be necessary to cut an umbilical cord to use it anywhere else. But its use in this fantastically emotional film for Apple by Mark Molloy is simply perfect.

Ford Transit
"Backbone of Britain"
29 Apr 2019
Ford once again celebrate their status as the "backbone of Britain" with this rousing commercial.

"The Underdogs"
3 mins
4 Apr 2019
Apple demonstrate the practical uses of their technology in this gripping film, directed by Mark Molloy.

"Parents' Imagination"
18 Feb 2019
Parental paranoia is the order of the day in this hard-hitting American commercial for Subaru.

2 mins
14 Sep 2018
The National Lottery have launched a new campaign to demonstrate the life-enhancing effects of winning the jackpot.

Apple iPad
2 mins 20s
29 Mar 2018
Apple have a Stranger Things moment with a film featuring a group of youngsters who actually do their homework.

"Lost Panda"
1 min 45s
24 Nov 2017
Tile aim to soften tracking tech's image with their a toy story featuring a lost panda.

11 Apr 2017
Sheraton hotels want to let us know their employees will go the extra mile.

Samsung Galaxy
"Every Day Is Day One"
2 mins 19s
3 Aug 2014
The gadgets take a back seat in this lovely film for Samsung.

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