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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

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"It's Tough Out There"

Thomas said:

Would've liked to have seen some nuts, bolts, spanners, hammers & maybe a brick or a concrete paving slab in the mix there.



James Blann
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"ITV Rugby World Cup Sponsorship"
20 Sep 2019
An educational new series of idents for confused.com's sponsorship of the Rugby World Cup on ITV attempts to expand vocabularies.

"Club Almighty"
30 Aug 2019
BWIN spit in the face of planning permission with this 40" commercial.

Anchor Butter
"The Cafe"
30 Apr 2019
Set in a trad, multicultural London café, this new spot for Anchor manages to visually convey the general feelgood factor that comes from a breakfast coated in butter.

Yellow Days
"How Can I Love You?"
4 mins 25s
24 Oct 2018
This promo for 'How Can I Love You?' by Yellow Days goes well below ground level.

Cadbury Roses
"How do you say it?"
24 Sep 2018
When a little boy swaps the words 'thank you' for 'roses' it's not too difficult to guess his logic.

"Here Come the Men"
18 Aug 2018
Keen to establish their progressive credentials in 2018, Gillette now give men everywhere permission to get in touch with their feelings etcetera.

BBC Radio 2
"Living Room Rebel"
16 Jul 2018
In this delightful ad for Radio 2 a woman has a little boogie around her living room while looking after her baby.

2 mins 25s
19 Apr 2018
IKEA have released a commercial-cum-music promo for London indie pop band Teleman's song 'Repeater'.

"I Know My Place"
16 Nov 2017
Girlguiding turn a demeaning admonishment into an empowering message in this excellent ad.

Sky Cinema
"Movie Togetherness"
7 Nov 2017
The Sound of Music takes centre stage in Sky Cinema's surprisingly touching ad for the festive season.

"Not So Scary"
12 Oct 2017
Tesco show us a Food Love Story with a spooky twist in this Halloween-themed ad.

"Go Play"
10 Sep 2017
This cool film for ASOS shows off the brand's rebellious side as it launches their first make-up range.

Stevie Parker
3 mins 57s
22 Jun 2017
Things turn white-hot in this Stevie Parker promo courtesy of thermal imaging.

Chase & Status
"This Moment (ft. Blossoms)"
3 mins 35s
20 Jun 2017
This intriguing promo takes an intimate look at the life of a young family of Travellers.

The National Autistic Society
"Crowded Brain"
3 Apr 2017
In this latest film from the National Autistic Society, we join Holly on her journey to a friend's birthday party.

Jamie T
"Power Over Men"
3 mins 41s
20 Oct 2016
The opening shots of this promo for Jamie T's 'Power Over Men' are deceptively mundane... then a cup of tea takes an interesting turn.

McCain Crispy French Fries
"Friday Teatime"
12 Sep 2016
McCain argues Friday evenings are nothing without French fries - specifically, the brand's extra crispy variety.

"Community Football"
10 Aug 2016
This nicely shot McDonald's ad goes back to grassroots by showing youngsters developing their skills and teamwork.

League Against Cruel Sports
"Silent Enemy"
1 min 45s
16 May 2016
Graphic depictions of animal cruelty and neglect tend to make us avert our eyes rather than face the unpalatable truths they convey.

"Hedley's College"
2 mins
12 May 2016
This latest spot for Skype by Yannakis Jones demonstrates the positive side of connectivity in our tech-dependent world.

4 mins 11s
4 Apr 2016
Tourist's single 'Run' is like a kettle that's switched off before it comes to the boil - it gathers a head of steam, but doesn't get to finish what it started.

Julio Bashmore
"Let Me Be Your Weakness (ft Bixby)"
4 mins 27s
4 Mar 2016
Fun and energetic, this promo for Julio Bashmore's heavily auto-tuned track injects a welcome bit of colour and quirkiness to proceedings.

"Free HiFi Internet"
3 mins 46s
8 Dec 2015
Welcome to the 21st century male; flexing his pecs in the mirror, checking out his tatts and doing press-ups on the floor according to the promo for Emmanuelle's new track 'Free HiFi Internet'.

The Times
"The A-Z of Rugby"
16 Sep 2015
Kick-off for the 2015 Rugby World Cup is imminent and The Times family has the A-Z all sorted.

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