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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

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Mauro Chiarello
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"Further Than Ever"
2 mins 10s
25 Jun 2019
This Nike commercial is a sharp riposte to anyone who said "Let me give you a piece of advice" and thought the matter closed.

Virgin Media
17 Jun 2019
adam&eveDDB's first piece of work for Virgin Media is a blackly humorous twist on the brand's familiar bombast

"Do the Cashless"
19 Mar 2019
Contactless payments merit their own victory dance, according to this limber piece of work for the Cashless app.

Chemical Brothers
"We've Got to Try"
4 mins 27s
12 Mar 2019
The first half of this Chemical Brothers promo from director Ninian Doff feels like a left-field Formula One commercial.

"The Name is the Idea"
26 Feb 2019
US financiers intend to be, well, allies to their clients - as demonstrated in this entertaining ad shot by Ian Pons Jewell.

Center Parcs
"I Am Mum"
9 Jan 2019
Another amiable outing from Center Parcs - this time focused on Jo Parson.

Center Parcs
"I Am Dad"
8 Jan 2019
Center Parcs frame themselves as a seat of pastoral liberation in this mellow 60" ad.

"The Future is Built"
20 Oct 2018
Wieden + Kennedy have employed some blue sky thinking for their Ford debut… namely by drafting in ‘Breaking Bad' star Bryan Cranston as the marque's new spokesman.

"Phones Are Good"
2 mins 33s
17 Oct 2018
Three thumb their nose at technophobes with this excellent ad singing the not-so-humble phone's praises.

Years & Years
"All for You"
3 mins 56s
26 Sep 2018
Years & Years's collaboration with director Fred Rowson continues with another characteristically cryptic promo.

5 Jul 2018
Toyota take us back to the Stone Age in spite of their advanced technology in this strange ad.

Dollar Shave Club
20 Jun 2018
Dollar Shave Club continue their surreal journey through the shaving senses with this entertaining ad.

24 May 2018
Lexus are promising to take some of the puzzlement out of car buying in this spectacular commercial directed by Skunk's Ben Strebel.

Canadian Olympic Committee
"Be Olympic"
14 Feb 2018
History of Art graduates will appreciate this beautifully-lit film for the Canadian Olympic Committee.

Kellogg's Special K
"Powering You"
31 Dec 2017
No one at Sport England is going to mind the echoes of This Girl Can in this super new piece of work for Kellogg's Special K.

T K Maxx
"Weather Report"
12 Dec 2017
The current weather has rendered T K Maxx's Christmas campaign obsolete... but they're going with it.

"Hear My Pain Heal"
4 mins 42s
27 Nov 2017
Dutch-Iranian artist Sevdaliza emanates a female strength you wouldn't want to mess with: brooding and powerful, she's a force to be reckoned with and makes music to match.

T K Maxx
"White Christmas"
13 Nov 2017
T K Maxx announce their intention to spray 'actual' snow over lucky customers' houses in this quirky Christmas ad.

Dollar Shave Club
"Butter Dunes"
9 Nov 2017
Dollar Shave Club dip their toe into Old Spice territory with this entertainingly surreal ad for their shave butter.

"I Love Doing Dishes!"
12 Jun 2017
Finish dive back into the existential angst in this musical ad, examining the relentless cycle of dish-doing.

2 Mar 2017
The spirit of gambling targets another vulnerable individual in this GambleAware ad.

9 Feb 2017
This unsettling ad for GambleAware highlights the hidden dangers of online gambling.

Human Rights Watch
18 Nov 2016
Non-governmental organisation Human Rights Watch examines the impact of war on the next generation in this grimly effective film.

National Trust
"Behind the Scenes"
4 Sep 2016
This intimate glance at some of the people who work behind the scenes to maintain our heritage under the aegis of the National Trust is designed to raise awareness and encourage the rest of us to support the organisation one way or another.

Net-a-Porter/Mr Porter
"All For You"
10 Nov 2015
Online fashion emporium Net-a-Porter/Mr Porter offer us a stylish peek at how they organise a bespoke Christmas for each of their customers.

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