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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

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Tom Green
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"Gingerbread House"
15 Nov 2019
Christmas cheer continues to spread like a particularly aggressive virus in another instalment of Asda's festive campaign.

"Northern Lights"
2 mins
4 Nov 2019
Christmas kicks off with a bang at Asda, with a two-minute film which does its best to hit every emotional soft spot possible.

"Big on Babies"
15 Sep 2019
This ad for Lidl's baby range is very down to earth - no frills, no faff; simply the info you need with just enough humour and warmth to appeal to parents on a budget.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite
"Calling All Wizards"
3 mins
9 Jul 2019
This live-action trail for 'Harry Potter: Wizards Unite' boasts some high production values - and the odd Niffler - as dark forces converge on a housing block.

"Big On... Summer"
8 Jul 2019
The Great British BBQ takes centre stage in this latest Lidl commercial.

"Big On"
3 Jun 2019
Budget supermarket chain Lidl revamp an old catchphrase for this classy outing which draws attention to their wide range of products at bite-size prices.

"The Purse"
6 Feb 2019
A mum bequeaths her sons a unique legacy in this touching ad for Guinness.

Department for Education
18 Jan 2019
Keen to address a recent apprenticeship slump, this 60" commercial from the Department for Education aims to reinforce the benefits of on-the-job training.

Ray Blk
"Run Run"
3 mins 34s
22 Aug 2018
This promo for Ray Blk's latest single 'Run Run' takes place in an urban dystopia... one which isn't a million miles from reality.

Britain’s Beer Alliance
"Long Live the Local"
20 Jul 2018
The UK has been trying to drum up support for the ubiquitous ‘local' for decades, and now Britain's Beer Alliance raise a hopeful glass to its future.

Heathrow Airport
"Out of Office"
5 Jul 2018
Heathrow Airport put a new spin on the 'out of office' message in this compelling ad - just in time for the summer holidays.

"Wind Farm"
25 Feb 2018
Barclays continue to stimulate our nation's youngsters with their LifeSkills programme.

23 Jan 2018
A Barclays LifeSkills instructor asks one student to memorise and recite a list of colourful animals.

"The Heist No One Is Talking About"
2 mins 20s
30 Oct 2017
Oxfam remind us why we should get angry with corporations who dodge their taxes.

The Red Cross
"Any Means Necessary"
1 Nov 2016
For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. This stirring ad for the International Committee of the Red Cross reminds us that war tips the scale in horrifying fashion.

BT Broadband
4 Jul 2016
After his breathless arrival onto the BT Broadband set last time round, Ryan Reynolds takes time out in a comfy chair to introduce the telecom giant's new Smart Hub.

Save The Children
"A Second A Day"
1 min 56s
10 May 2016
Tom Green's 'sequel' to Martin Stirling's 2014 Save the Children film has just as much impact as the original.

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