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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

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Kim Gehrig
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Apple iPhone
"In The Dark"
14 Jul 2021
Another outing of Apple's latest American campaign sees a bloke mesmerised by his phone's ability to capture selfies in low light.

Apple iPhone
14 Jul 2021
Finding a lost phone need not be like searching for a needle in a haystack, according to this latest US spot from Apple.

Green & Black's
"Wildly Deliciously Organic"
16 Feb 2021
Organic chocolate maker Green & Black’s put their own spin on nature documentaries with this 60" commercial.

New York Times
"Life Needs Truth"
2 mins 20s
24 Aug 2020
This evocative ad for the New York Times builds on the paper's canon of text-focused commercials to great effect.

Coca Cola
"The Great Meal"
30 Jul 2020
Few things have changed for the better in recent months, but Coca-Cola explore one of the silver linings of lockdown in their latest ad.

Apple AirPods
1 min 57s
13 Mar 2020
This transformative commercial for Apple sees a woman's hectic walk through the city become something far more fantastical.

"Where There Are Cooks, There is Hope"
9 Mar 2020
The state of the world may seem dire at present, but fear not: an army of cooks are ready to save us.

Tourism Australia
3 mins 10s
29 Dec 2019
If the release of Tourism Australia’s ‘Matesong’ has taught us anything, it’s that Mother Nature has little respect for marketing campaigns.

Brittany Howard
"Stay High"
3 mins 46s
18 Jul 2019
Alabama Shakes singer Brittany Howard has tapped Terry Crews to star in this charming video for latest single 'Stay High'.

"Dream Crazier"
24 Feb 2019
Serena Williams - who narrates this commercial for Nike - is not unfamiliar with some of the accusations it tackles.

"We Believe"
1 min 50s
15 Jan 2019
Gillette has received significant backlash for its new slogan, swapping 'The best a man can get' for 'The best a man can be'.

"Viva la Vulva"
2 mins 55s
24 Nov 2018
This taboo-smashing display of empathy for Libresse hits all the right notes.

Chaka Khan
"Like Sugar"
4 mins
28 Jun 2018
This Chaka Khan promo is stuck on repeat in the best possible way.

3 Jun 2018
W+K's long-running campaign for Lurpak oozes class and the latest instalment from Somesuch's Kim Gehrig is no exception.

11 May 2018
Kim Gehrig has directed another wonderfully stylish ad for Gap, this time drawing attention to their summer denim collection.

Kirin J Callinan
"So You Think You're A Man"
4 mins 12s
25 Apr 2018
Gehrig's clip holds Australian masculinity up to the light and shows how a sensitive boy growing up in this society might long to hide behind a pumped and invulnerable exterior.

2 Mar 2018
This American film for hip clothing brand Gap is - in no uncertain terms - ridiculously stylish.

2 Sep 2017
Somesuch's Kim Gehrig is very much the go-to-woman when it comes to unvarnished representations of the female form and she demonstrates these skills once again in this excellent film for Berlei.

"Night Out"
10 Jun 2017
This intriguing ad for taxi service Uber - their first on UK TV - sees an awkward first date evolve at breakneck speed.

Sport England
"This Girl Can Returns"
24 Feb 2017
Sport England have followed their sensational 'This Girl Can' film with another hugely powerful piece of work.

"Travel State of Mind"
20 Feb 2017
There's plenty of joie de vivre in this 60" ad for Eurostar. These travellers discover what can happen when you just say qui. A lot, as it happens.

Age UK
"Man on the Moon"
20 Nov 2015
This film underlining the importance of John Lewis's partnership with Age UK for this year's Christmas commercial offers a further insight into the plight of old people who feel abandoned by their family and friends at this time of year.

John Lewis
"Man on the Moon"
2 mins
6 Nov 2015
John Lewis's beautiful Christmas ad has a sad man on the moon representing lonely old folks.

John Lewis
"On The Moon"
4 Nov 2015
This is a tiny teaser to whet our appetite for the main event of the John Lewis Christmas ad. What's with the intriguing glimpse of the moon through the telescope?

2 Sep 2015
Honda tends to make commanding, challenging and intelligent ads. Some of them leave us to join the dots ourselves, others literally spell their message out - but never half-heartedly and always with chutzpah.

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