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Lucie Georgeson
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"How Deep Is Your Love?"
16 Jan 2019
Adland's pantheon of bathrobe-clad blokes receives a new addition courtesy of this dulcet Wren commercial.

H & M
"Musical Chairs"
11 Dec 2018
Our penultimate visit to the Hotel Mauritz sees Aubrey Plaza and her fellow guests compete in a game of musical chairs.

H & M
10 Dec 2018
Aubrey Plaza's star wattage counts for little in part four of this H&M hotel getaway.

H & M
"Lights Out"
29 Nov 2018
Rap pioneers Run-DMC ruin Aubrey Plaza's beauty sleep in part three of H&M's Christmas campaign.

H & M
"Get in Line"
26 Nov 2018
Part two of H & M's Christmas getaway bids to turn ‘Buffalo Stance' by Neneh Cherry into a festive floor-filler.

H & M
"Bells & Whistles"
23 Nov 2018
This off-beat helping from H&M sees Parks & Recreation star Aubrey Plaza arrive at the Hotel Mauritz.

Great Western Railway
"The Famous Five Ride Again"
1 Oct 2018
In pursuit of a moustachioed jewel thief? One could do a lot worse than hopping on a Great Western Railway train.

VW T Roc
"Born Confident"
26 Nov 2017
The entertaining ad for VW stars a badass ram... who finally encounters a vehicle with more swagger.

Great Western Railway
"The Famous Five"
25 Sep 2017
Enid Blyton fans, rejoice - the Famous Five ride again (with Great Western Railway).

H & M
"Come Together"
3 mins 52s
27 Nov 2016
H & M's Christmas commercial looks like a Wes Anderson film... mainly because it is a Wes Anderson film.

"Awkward Elves"
27 Nov 2016
Goodwill to one's fellow elf doesn't go entirelyto plan in this well-performed ad for Bulldog.

H & M
"The Road Trip"
5 mins 20s
29 Sep 2016
H & M's odd couple of David Beckham and Kevin Hart hit the road to Las Vegas... or ruin, more like.

Age UK
"Man on the Moon"
20 Nov 2015
This film underlining the importance of John Lewis's partnership with Age UK for this year's Christmas commercial offers a further insight into the plight of old people who feel abandoned by their family and friends at this time of year.

Harvey Nichols
"Gift Face"
10 Nov 2015
Harvey Nix have established themselves as the cynical face of Christmas advertising over the last few years and it's served them well but this isn't their greatest effort.

John Lewis
"Man on the Moon"
2 mins
6 Nov 2015
John Lewis's beautiful Christmas ad has a sad man on the moon representing lonely old folks.

"Step into Christmas"
7 Nov 2014
Fearne Cotton and friends become glamorous Borrowers this year, shrinking down to a diminutive size and discovering a world of giant gifts courtesy of Very.

"Rio Challenge"
3 Jun 2014
Will a bunch of pasty-faced blokes manage to beat Brazil's best women's five-a-side football team? That's the challenge in this spot in part promoted by Strongbow.

"Holiday Shop"
10 Apr 2014
Everyone's got summer sun on their minds in this seasonal offering for Very - part of the Littlewoods retail empire.

BT Broadband
9 May 2013
Jake Humphrey is the face of BT's ambitious plan to compete with Sky's sports coverage and he competently fronts this lengthy commercial advertising the new service.

John Lewis
"The Journey"
9 Nov 2012
An utterly lovely commercial from John Lewis to mark Christmas... again.

"See Things Differently"
27 Sep 2012
Using the advertised camera, a man is able to "see things differently".

Cobra Beer
1 Mar 2012
This ad for Cobra beer makes as much as it's possible to make of its Indian heritage and does it beautifully.

Green Giant
"10 Foot Tall"
11 May 2011
A mum is shown serving the advertised vegetables to her two young sons in the style of a trailer for a Hollywood blockbuster.

"Total Control"
31 Jan 2011
Crafty camera work reinforces the idea of ball control in this disorienting commercial for Nike.

"Poodle Loop"
10 Dec 2010
Nokia continues its bid to re-establish its preeminence by highlighting clever creative features of its latest phone.

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