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David Jones
"Gingerbread Man"
22 November 2017
Australia Department Stores

This charming ad for Aussie department store David Jones stars a globetrotting gingerbread man heading home for the holidays. The little guy collects presents for his family on his travels, passing through London, Paris, and New York on his travels.

The snowy adventure comes to an abrupt climax, however, when an overenthusiastic dog gets involved. Luckily there's a kindly baker on the scene to help, and the biscuit-based hero makes it to Sydney in time for the big day.

There's a lovely blend of animation and live action here, and Harry Nilsson's 'Everybody's Talkin'' provides an appropriate soundtrack to the Christmas trek Down Under.

Heathrow Airport
"Fifty Years"

Chris said:

Indeed - smells like a last minute /clientpanic



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David Jones
"Gingerbread Man"
22 Nov 2017
This charming ad for Aussie department store David Jones stars a globetrotting gingerbread man heading home for the holidays. The little guy collects presents for his family on his travels, passing through London, Paris, and New York on his travels. The snowy adventure comes to an abrupt climax, however, when an overenthusiastic dog gets involved.

"Elf's Journey"
13 Nov 2017
Aussie department store chain Myer's Christmas crew return for another round of festive adventures. Decorations are the focus of the action this year, as an elf gets frustrated with his unfocused mates and takes off to see what else is available. There's great characterisation here - from childish handmade decorations to some snobby Scandinavian wood carvings.

Jacob's Creek
"Double Barrel"
2 Nov 2017
Chris Hemsworth - apparently the only VO artist currently working in Australia - narrates this languid ad for Jacob's Creek. Over the course of 90 long seconds, we watch a guy undertake an epic trek to get an aged whisky barrel home. There are some lovely scenery shots here, but the earnestly esoteric script and muddied narrative mean this isn't a particularly tasty offering.

ING Direct
"Home Loans"
5 Oct 2017
Actor, writer, estate agent - is there anything Isla Fisher can’t do? Well… the latter, actually. This latest ING Direct ad sees Fisher commandeer poor Gwen’s viewing day. We’re sure there’s a market for Fisher’s range of soft furnishings, but they do little to help these prospective buyers - unlike the bank’s home loans service.

ING Direct
"Everyday Round Up"
5 Oct 2017
Isla Fisher turns overly-personal shopper with this ING Direct customer. When she learns the bank’s Everyday Round Up scheme converts loose change into savings, Fisher goes on a shopping spree… whether her new ‘friend’ likes it or not. VCCP Sydney and Goodoil’s Fiona McGee riff on Fisher’s role in ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’.

Canadian Club & Dry
"The Big Question"
19 Sep 2017
This amusing ad announces Canadian Club's launch of their pre-mixed cocktail range Down Under. A series of blokes come to the shocking realisation that they actually don't like beer, one even mournfully hanging his head as he explains that he 'thought it was compulsory'. Generations of beer drinkers see the light when Canada Club & Dry slides down the bar as an tastier alternative.

H & R Block
14 Sep 2017
This entertainingly weird ad for Aussie accountancy firm H & R Block features a beekeeping barber who simply doesn't have time to handle his own books. Employing an outside accountant gives him an extra eight hours a week for his... rather unsuccessful beekeeping, if the stings are anything to go by. The comedy is well constructed here, delivered successfully in just 15".

2 Sep 2017
Somesuch's Kim Gehrig is very much the go-to-woman when it comes to unvarnished representations of the female form and she demonstrates these skills once again in this excellent film for Berlei. The Australian ad uses a combination of specially-filmed vignettes and archive footage to make its point about the discomfort women suffer in the name of fashion... specifically when trying to enhance or limit the impact made by their breasts.

Hungry Jack's
"Keep It Real"
25 Aug 2017
This bruising Australian ad for Hungry Jack's is like a cross-between Tony Barry's McDonald's McCafe ad; Danny Kleinman's Real McCoy work; and the 1993 Michael Douglas film 'Falling Down'. It features a man who just can't take it any more. And by 'it' we mean the creeping invidiousness of hipster culture.

Kit Kat
22 Aug 2017
There's krafty konstruction in this klever ad for Kit Kat... okay, unlike Donald Trump, we'll stop with the Ks now. This funny film features an excellent satire of the endless woes provided by flat pack furniture, as two blokes try to build a medieval weapon via picture-only instructions. Director Trevor Clarence draws out the comedy, including some relatable moments of frustration.

3 Jul 2017
This synchronous Foxtel commercial echoes every water cooler conversation about last night's telly. Occupying a multi-coloured dimension, this lot wax lyrical about plot twists, infuriating characters, and the moment "when you just know everything's going to go OFF". Neat closing gag as everyone realises something is amiss...

"Accidentally Ate That"
26 Jun 2017
Straight-talking Aussie health insurance provider AHM offer medical insurance 'you might actually use' in an amusing series of ads from Clemenger BBDO and Goodoil. This instalment focuses on Roger, who's successfully navigating a party before he runs into a fruity speed bump. The voiceover works well here, as the awkward annual 'bring your partner' cringe-fest plays out onscreen.

"Attempting Gym Again"
26 Jun 2017
Aussie health insurance provider AHM promote another of their amusingly specific policies; this time, it’s ‘attempting gym again’ cover… complete with remedial massage, no less. Handy for lapsed gymgoers like this bloke, whose fitness comeback ends before it’s even begun as he subjects his arms to a leg press. Perhaps he should read the instructions first.

Tiger Beer
"The 3890 Project"
1 min 44s
19 Jun 2017
Tiger Beer have teamed up with artists across the world to draw attention to the plight of the beer's namesake animal. We're informed there are a scant 3,890 tigers left in the wild, something the brand hopes to change by raising awareness of the situation. We're not sure how uploading selfies is supposed to do that, but this film to launch the project certainly piques interest.

WorkSafe Victoria
14 Jun 2017
Recent events underline the importance of our emergency services, and this Australian commercial reminds us to treat them with the respect they deserve. A Victoria paramedic reveals why he pushes himself to help others... and his dismay at those who respond with violence. A full-motion punch brings the message home with ugly force.

2 mins
17 May 2017
Qantas ditch traditional shots of Australian scenery in favour of a more story-driven approach. This two-minute film from Skunk’s Glendyn Ivin depicts one family separated by hemispheres, but united by the advertised airline. It’s a mature effort from the carrier, and one which looks to foster a deeper bond with air passengers.

1 min 51s
17 May 2017
No one can blame the male protagonist of this Qantas ad for leaving on a jet plane. As he endures grim weather and the London crowds, his girlfriend enjoys walks on the beach Down Under. On a whim, he decides to close the gap on their long-distance relationship. Another emotive film from an airline keen to make more reunions like this possible.

12 May 2017
IKEA follow their excellent Aussie ad focused on Ludde the rug with another anthropomorphic outing, this time concentrating on a pair of dancing aprons. There are some lovely subtle touches in the background as papa and baby apron boogie around in the kitchen (the drawings on the fridge, for example), and the upbeat soundtrack keeps things light in spite of the slightly murky grade.

Jemena Gas
"Instantly Better"
28 Mar 2017
It's been a good year for dragons in advertising so far. First Dorito's introduced us to their animatronic beast; now Australian energy firm Jemena present their own tame-ish firebreather. Alas, there's a reason why household dragons haven't caught on. This couple describes some of the fiery mishaps sparked by their scaly pet.

15 Mar 2017
Jonny & Will have good form when it comes to Ikea ads. Having helped bring Dougal Wilson’s tale of migrating t-shirts to life, the pair assume directing duties in this charming Aussie commercial. When the alarm goes off, an especially hirsute hand reaches over. Turns out it’s a sheepskin rug - or Ludde, to give its proper Ikea delineation.

"Why Settle?"
3 mins 16s
15 Mar 2017
We’ve all moaned to friends and family about work on occasion, but Australian recruitment site Seek believe they can guide us to a better vocation. This engaging film introduces us to three employees stuck in a rut. With a little help from those who know them best, they’re each given a fresh start courtesy of the advertised jobs hub. An encouraging message for job hunters.

9 Mar 2017
Aldi let us know they're proud to partner with MiniRoos - Australia's biggest football programme for kids - in this inspirational ad. The beat-heavy soundtrack and crisp visual editing come together to capture the energy and tenacity of the kids, who are determined to play against all the odds. No goal, no pitch, no team? No problem.

"New Generation"
27 Feb 2017
Change is afoot, according to this optimistic National Broadband Network commercial. Constantly improving internet access means more and more Australians can achieve their goals - whether that’s at work, home, or even underwater. A convincing means of positing Australia as a scientific and technological powerhouse.

Toyota Kluger
22 Feb 2017
This trope-subverting Australian ad for Toyota manages to have everything a car commercial needs - slick shots of the new Kluger gliding through a city, the set-up to a traditional seduction narrative as Clooney-lite notices the attractive driver - and then swoops in with brilliantly-timed comedy at the last minute. Quite a feat, and all in a neat 30".

10 Feb 2017
Australian energy company Momentum aim to be more than just a faceless supplier with the launch of a campaign introducing two characters who fall in love. Both are cleaners in large office blocks, and the man uses lamplight to attract the attention of his would-be amour. It's very sweet, and viewers are sure to find the pair endearing.

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