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Dove Colour Care
17 July 2012
UK Shampoos

Dove's 'ordinary beauty' campaign has yielded great dividends for the brand and not only in terms of market share. The most prestigious award in advertising - the Grand Prix at Cannes - was handed to Dove in 2007 for a piece of work that showed the extent to which a woman's face was altered by cosmetics and technology for the purposes of a magazine shoot.

Some of Dove's advertising in the years since 2007 has suggested they are shifting away from the 'ordinary beauty' theme but the featured commercial reveals that there's still a lot of mileage in this notion.

The woman in this beautifully filmed commercial talks with great animation about colour and what it means to her. As we've come to expect from Dove, she doesn't have the unnatural dimensions of a supermodel or a face flushed with youth... this continues to be a welcome challenge to the orthodoxy of the beauty industry. But there's a further surprise here when it emerges that she's blind.

DAVID doesn't mind admitting that he actually gasped out loud at this reveal when he first watched this ad. It's an audacious move by Dove to have a blind woman talking about the vividness of colour and, in our view, it's one that entirely pays off.

This is a lovely piece of film and an immensely clever way of underlining the values that Dove has been trying to project in its advertising.

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Dove Colour Care
17 Jul 2012
You have to watch this all the way through to realise that this is a commercial about more than "ordinary beauty". If you don't know what's coming, the reveal is genuinely startling and certainly ensures that punters' awareness of Dove will be more heightened after they have viewed this.

Dove Colour Care
"Lighten Or Darken"
10 Apr 2006

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