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Weetabix Chocolate
13 September 2011
UK Cereals

Nine-year-old Arizona Snow, or 'Dances With Bears' to give her her native American name, struts her stuff after eating a spoonful of the advertised cereal.

The proposition is a little strange. At first, she appears to be eating breakfast alone in her bedroom but it then emerges that she's not alone at all as several of her friends are watching her. Neither of these scenarios bears examination but this is advertising so who cares.

Especially as this had the ideal media placement for a commercial of its kind... it ran during 'The X Factor' and was such a good fit for that programme that some viewers may not have realised they were watching a commercial. Outside of the context, it doesn't work quite as well.

The ambition of recent Weetabix advertising is to be lauded but the delivery falls a little short this time.

Canon EOS

Matt said:

Did they film this on the featured camera? If they did, why not say so, and if they didn't, isn't it a trifle misleading?



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Weetabix Chocolate
13 Sep 2011
If ever a child was named by pushy parents hoping for overnight success, it's nine year old Arizona Snow who struts her stuff to good effect in this cute new ad for the chocolate variant of the popular breakfast cereal. Is Weetabix the new Cadbury?

Weetabix Chocolate
"Happy Breakfast"
4 Sep 2010
You can't go wrong with talking animals, can you? This is bound to delight children and pet owners but causes a slightly concerned reflex among those of us who can't help worrying about the association created between animals and the grainy cereal with brown lumps which is being advertised.

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