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Short Films
"Gremlins: Recall"
10 mins 43s
8 December 2017
USA Short Films

MindsEye’s Ryan Patrick gives ‘Gremlins’ fans the threequel they’ve been waiting for. While Patrick’s fan flick isn’t officially sanctioned, his affection for the source material is undeniable.

Set years after the “Kingston Falls incident”, mogwais have been rendered consumer-friendly. Of course, it’s not long before three-feet tall mayhem ensues.

Patrick’s homespun horror-comedy benefits from some impressive production values. Physical puppetry brings both fur and scales to life, while Russ Howard ’s doom-laden synths compound the Eighties tribute.

Bloody and bad-ass, it’s up to an idealistic waitress and a grizzled repo man to save the day. It’s a cliffhanger we may never see resolved - for now, enjoy this razor-sharp nostalgia hit.

"Keep Looking"

Matt said:

This is really good. Would love to know what Fujifilm thought of it...



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Short Films
"Gremlins: Recall"
10 mins 43s
8 Dec 2017
MindsEye’s Ryan Patrick gives ‘Gremlins’ fans the threequel they’ve been waiting for. While Patrick’s fan flick isn’t officially sanctioned, his affection for the source material is undeniable. Set years after the “Kingston Falls incident”, mogwais have been rendered somewhat consumer-friendly. Of course, it’s not long before three-feet tall mayhem ensues.

Short Films
3 mins 40s
4 Dec 2017
Matt Lambert addresses the sexist censorship of nipples in the age of social media in this confrontational film. The poetic script confronts the idea that female nipples are any more deserving of censorship than their male counterparts. Contrast between the voiceover and visuals is delicately drawn, as harshly critical lines are delivered over soft images of bodies.

Short Films
10 mins 33s
29 Nov 2017
A fashion designer's work-life balance goes haywire in this arch short film. Low on inspiration and surrounded by two-faced underlings, Karine Vanasse's impresario conceives the ultimate fashion statement. Let's just say it's to die for. PrettyBird’s Jodeb riffs on the First World Problems meme via haute couture.

Short Films
10 mins 13s
22 Nov 2017
Since 2015, director Joseph Delaney has been busy with SORT, an online 'zine dissecting modern definitions of beauty. To mark its third issue, Delaney has shot an intriguing short film based on a fictional cult’s descent into oblivion. He creates palpable dread through grainy photography and abrasive sound design. Tune into the film’s carnal frequency if you dare.

Short Films
"Pink or Blue"
3 mins 08s
18 Nov 2017
This striking short film stars poet Hollie McNish, as she dissects the ridiculous concept of gender stereotypes. From a calm beginning, McNish's words swell into an unrelenting cacophony of criticism. The social designation of pink or blue, foisted on children from birth, is illustrated by a split screen, as innovative, edgy imagery weaves in and out of binary presentations of gender.

Short Films
"One Minute"
2 mins 22s
14 Nov 2017
A lot can happen in a minute… or not. It seems this couple disagree on a number of things, not least on the fundamentals of time. When irritable Scott (Scott Organ) requests “just one minute” to gather his thoughts, Ann (Ann Carr) proves a strict timekeeper. Short and unsweet, Max Sherman’s two-hander will chime with anyone used to close-quarters squabbles.

Short Films
3 Nov 2017
This 60” trailer for Bugsy Riverbank Steel’s ‘Fighter’ promises something different in the sweat-stained boxing genre. Tommy Jessop plays the eponymous pugilist fighting both in and outside the ring. The dialogue may be classic ‘ard man territory, but a Down’s syndrome protagonist challenges stereotypes in a familiar arena.

Short Films
"Dead Good"
2 mins 56s
1 Nov 2017
Who knew Death had a taste for Adidas Superstars? Carl Prechezer’s online series casts the Grim Reaper as a keen street dancer. Sans dialogue, this three-minute pitch demonstrates Death’s nimble moves - one can only imagine how Ingmar Bergman would react. Intrigued? Declare your interest on the Dead Good website and help bring this series to, er, life.

Short Films
3 mins 43s
30 Oct 2017
Nowness present another sharp film from their 'Define Beauty' series. Human guinea pigs Kaley, Tyler, Imogen, and Lily manipulate their own faces in an effort to find digital perfection. With a near-limitless number of fields to play with, ‘Facefixx’ lets the quartet tinker with every bodily feature. Alas, beta tests always produce a glitch...

Short Films
"The Last Time"
3 mins 51s
27 Oct 2017
With Stoptober reaching the, er, fag end, Christine Hooper’s lively short film charts one woman’s on-off relationship with cigarettes. One bus stop plume is all that’s needed to send this woman into a hazy reverie. After all, old habits die hard. Wes Anderson-style visuals and a vivid script render smoking almost palatable.

Short Films
10 mins 11s
13 Oct 2017
Relationships are never easy - even for R&B star Cassie. Co-written with Burning Reel’s Harrison Boyce, this slow-burning short film sees Cassie and her beau go through the wringer. Boyce establishes their turbulent relationship amidst motel rooms, convenience stores, and desert vistas. A handsome showcase for Cassie’s new sound.

Short Films
4 mins 40s
11 Oct 2017
This vivid short film marks World Mental Health Day with an eloquent insight into troubled minds. These individuals come from a variety of backgrounds. Whatever their differences, they share a common foe: anxiety. Directors Lily Rose Thomas and Stephen Isaac-Wilson craft an intimate portrayal of the condition.

Short Films
"Brian & Charles"
12 mins 06s
29 Sep 2017
This bittersweet comedy from MindsEye’s Jim Archer explores human-robot relations in a rustic setting. Life seems good for the reclusive Brian and his homespun android, Charles Petrescu. Alas, their domestic harmony is short-lived. Writers and performers David Earl and Chris Hayward deliver a memorable spin on the odd couple formula - aided by Charles’s freakish yet affable design.

Short Films
"The Super Recogniser"
11 mins
28 Sep 2017
The privacy paranoid may want to skip this chilling film from Jennifer Sheridan and Missing Link Films... but they shouldn't. It deals with the fantastical-sounding but very real phenomenon of super recognisers - the 1% of the population with an enhanced ability to recognise faces - who the Metropolitan Police use as a crack squad to monitor their surveillance screens.

Short Films
"Aum Shinrikyo"
2 mins
26 Sep 2017
This atmospheric short film from director Noah Conopask is inspired by the Tokyo Subway sarin gas attack of 1995 - committed by the Aum Shinrikyo group, after whom the film is named. From off-kilter camera angles to the haunting, minimal soundtrack, everything here is meticulously designed to unsettle the viewer and create a sense of foreboding. Thought provoking work.

Short Films
"The Bowling Butcher Of Blackburn"
5 mins 35s
8 Sep 2017
On paper, ‘The Bowling Butcher of Blackburn’ sounds rather foreboding. Fortunately, Sam Huntley’s documentary is an affectionate look at Lancashire bowler David Shawforth as he shifts between joints and jacks. Forthright yet affable, Shawforth shares his worldview both on and off the bowling green.

Short Films
3 mins 40s
31 Aug 2017
Gymophobes will blush after watching this powerful short film. A freak accident robbed soldier Mark Smith of his right leg, leaving him a shadow of his former self. “I’m never going to look like this again”, he says… and Smith is a man of his word. It’s a dignified study in mental and physical strength from director Matthias Hoene.

Short Films
1 min 33s
24 Aug 2017
A golfer finds himself bested at every turn in this compelling short film, created by Passion Pictures and up-and-coming collective Megacomputer. The serious player's shots continually miss their target, while the bloke gets increasingly wound up by a young golfer's easy wins. The action ends on an Inception-like cliffhanger, so stay past the credits...

Short Films
"This Sucks"
18 Aug 2017
While more and more taboos are broken, some remain shatterproof - like breastfeeding in public. Stink Studios’s Joe Lawton finds this, well, hard to swallow. This powerful film reminds us what we should be disgusted by. Evidently no one taught this lot to chew with their mouth closed.

Short Films
5 mins 21s
10 Aug 2017
For Laviai and Lina Nielsen, athletics is a family business. Inspired by London 2012, the sprinters have trained together ever since. Matt Houghton’s thoughtful short film charts their twin bid for glory. Quiet and sincere, it offers a familial slant on grassroots athletics... and what it takes to join the elite.

Short Films
"Bad News"
2 mins 38s
4 Aug 2017
Sketch duo Mid-Brow reveal what newscasters get up to off-air. Turns out ditching the lingo is easier said than done. And the breaking news? Two pints of lager down the local. MId-Brow a.k.a. Tom Blackwood and Alex Cooper take the pub confessional to the extreme. Earpieces permanently attached, their work-life balance is extremely lopsided.

Short Films
"Skulls, Snakes and the Flower of Death"
2 mins 56s
1 Aug 2017
This extraordinary examination of the tattooist's art offers an explanation for some of the most common iconography chosen by those who subject themselves to the inked needle. Autobahn's James Worsley and Pedro de la Fuente wrote the poem which forms the basis of this film which they also directed and they've created a piece of work which endeavours to shift our perception of this art away from seedy shops in the dingiest parts of our cities to something on an entirely different plane.

Short Films
"Epic Fail"
5 mins 32s
25 Jul 2017
Many a political commentator has seen their careers hit by recent events on both sides of the Atlantic. In this age of self-serving allegations about fake news, Blinkink’s Greg Barth imagines a vote on world peace. As Trump, Brexit, and the general election have shown, nothing should be taken for granted. Despite the garish colours and outmoded tech, this film nails some thoroughly modern neuroses.

Short Films
"Dress Code"
1 min 50s
26 Jun 2017
Andy Lambert’s wry short film - the latest in his Mute Series - demonstrates what happens when British reserve meets the great outdoors. After a bracing swim, this woman attempts to change with a towel as her changing room. Her impressive squirming produces the desired results… though her fellow beachgoers are a touch more liberated.

Short Films
"The Enlightenment of Cosmic Panda"
22 Jun 2017
If you've ever wondered what's going on behind a panda's adorable eyes, Mr Kat & Friends have some valuable insights. They take us on a colourful journey through the cosmic panda's inner life, surreal images swirling through an internal galaxy. We particularly like the bear's nonplussed reaction to the trip - what kind of leaves has he been eating?

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