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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

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On This Day
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US Air Force
30 Nov 2009
Joining the American armed forces is made to look even sexier than joining the British armed forces in this amazing ad.

Nokia N8
"The Dot"
30 Nov 2010
All the way through this commercial, you find yourself wondering where the advertised product fits in.

"Luck Is An Attitude"
2 mins
30 Nov 2011
This lovely piece of work from Gorgeous's Peter Thwaites illustrates the power of positive thinking.

30 Nov 2012
A young man takes his grandfather for a ride in his new car in this Australian commercial for VW.

Sky Movies
"Star Wars Saga"
30 Nov 2015
Sky Creative prove there's still a fresh interpretation left in the marketing build-up for 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' with this vivid trail for the broadcaster's Star Wars channel.

Lego Dimensions
"Alison Brie"
1 min 35s
30 Nov 2015
As this ad for the 'Lego Dimensions' video game shows, the line between actor and character becomes a little blurred for Alison Brie.

The New Yorker
30 Nov 2015
There's a terrific sense that something strange is going on in this commercial for The New Yorker.

"The Great Untried"
30 Nov 2015
The opening of a garage door creates a world of possibilities according to this superbly crafted ad for the Honda Jazz.

"Jeff Bridges"
30 Nov 2016
Jeff Bridges stars in this festive UGG commercial directed by Biscuit's Jeff Low.

H & M
"A Magical Holiday"
3 mins 19s
30 Nov 2017
H & M conjure up a very modern fairy tale for their Christmas outing, with appropriately charming results.

"A Little Company"
30 Nov 2018
This affectionate iPhone commercial proves the Elvis impersonator trade is in rude health as a group of multinational Presleys share their passion via Group FaceTime.

LG Mobile Phones
"In Hiding"
30 Nov 2005

Burger King
"Give Me The Hunger"
30 Nov 2007
A bizarre ritual in the garage is disturbed when an unconcerned woman pops in to put some washing on.

The Sun on Sunday
"iPhone Spoof"
30 Nov 2009
This spoof of the ongoing campaign for Apple's iPhone suggests that The Sun newspaper is the nation's favourite hand-held source of information.

Saint Vincent De Paul
30 Nov 2009
This Irish film for a charity demonstrates in a simple and effective fashion how people sometimes need a helping hand.

Nokia 6760
3 mins 20s
30 Nov 2009
This lengthy piece for Nokia introduces us to Katrin who interviews people using a mobile phone for her Web Site.

Nokia E72
2 mins 37s
30 Nov 2009
An American teacher explains how technology can be used to improve people's lives across the world.

Nokia E72
2 mins 39s
30 Nov 2009
Another worthy individual tells us about his efforts to make the world a better place.

"Text Any Question"
30 Nov 2009
This amusing ad introduces us to the oracles of wisdom providing answers to questions texted to the advertised service.

The Black Grouse
30 Nov 2011
The black grouse shows off his musical skills in this animated ad for the whisky.

"Get It On"
30 Nov 2012
A young man is teased by every other diner at the Christmas table when he declines to put on his paper hat.

"Mum Gets Back Out There"
30 Nov 2012
This sweetly told tale shows mum getting "back out there" with the encouragement of her daughters.

The Range
"Christmas Pudding"
30 Nov 2012
The brand spokesman from the previous commercials uncloaks another festive offering that's surplus to requirements.

30 Nov 2012
This rather lovely German commercial was made by Aardman Animation - the national treasure located in Bristol.

"Christmas Pud"
30 Nov 2012
This commercial taps cleverly into a universal truth... not everyone likes Christmas pudding.

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