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"Pitch Black"

James said:

Started out liking it - but ultimately Lynx just didn't feel like it belonged there...



On This Day
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Microsoft Internet Explorer
"Brandon Generator - Part 1"
4 mins 20s
24 Jun 2012
When Channel 4 showed Attack The Block there were only three commercial breaks and each was entirely occupied by Edgar Wright's experimental internet film following the progress of an animated writer.

24 Jun 2014
Avis's famous strapline - "We try harder" - is certainly proved in this immensely stylish spot for the car rental company.

Stella Artois
2 mins 10s
24 Jun 2014
Following on from last year's serving about the exacting attention to detail that both Wimbledon and the makers of Stella share comes a piece about Rufus: bird scarer extraordinaire.

The Sunday Times
"Question Everything"
5 mins 41s
24 Jun 2014
Sunday Times journalists Brian Deer and David Walsh reveal all about their dogged pursuit of two stories that really mattered.

Southern Comfort
"Long Distance Lemonade"
24 Jun 2014
Until now, all the men in the current campaign for Southern Comfort have been middle aged types with luxuriant 'tashes. Enter Bartender Guy with his long distance lemonade.

24 Jun 2015
Carlsberg's make-believe business empire continues to grow unabated as they take a short back and sides to a whole new level of luxury.

"Zlatan Ibrahimovic"
1 min 48s
24 Jun 2016
In this immensely atmospheric piece of work for sportswear company A-Z, the words of Swedish footballer Zlatan Ibrahimovic are put into the mouths of aspiring athletes.

24 Jun 2016
This ad for DNB from Norway has it all: it's simple, captivating, effective and charming. An ageing couple go into a shop to make a purchase and arenervously anticipating something... but what?

Bicky Burger
1 min 50s
24 Jun 2016
The Bicky Burger is marketed using an approach that's half Stella Artois and half Pot Noodle.

"Hot Air Balloon"
24 Jun 2017
Acrophobes have nothing to fear in this diverting Thatchers commercial.

"Money Laundering"
24 Jun 2006

"Fiver Ideas"
24 Jun 2009
Jamie Oliver fronts this ad demonstrating how Sainsbury's are going to help Britain eat healthy food on a budget.

Diet Coke
"Ugly Betty Sponsorship"
24 Jun 2009
This series of bumpers features some string puppets demonstrating the self-obsessive hedonism we expect of the kind of fashionistas featured in the programme.

Dawn French
"A Tiny Bit Marvellous"
24 Jun 2011
This is the second time that a book authored by Dawn French has been the subject of a TV commercial well above the norm for a woefully neglected sector.

The New Zealand Film Festival
"Boy, Tracker & Once Were Warriors"
24 Jun 2011
Three separate pieces advertising the New Zealand film festival being held in London.

Stride Gum
"The Chase"
24 Jun 2011
This patently silly ad from the US has a youth being chased across a shopping mall by a suited man aboard a skateboard.

Digital Switch Over
"Which Button?"
24 Jun 2011
A woman eligible for support from the relevant agency receives help from the little robot responsible for informing us about digital switch over.

Microsoft Internet Explorer
"Brandon Generator - Part 2"
4 mins 30s
24 Jun 2012
Microsoft must have invested an enormous amount of money in this experimental project by Edgar Wright.

Microsoft Internet Explorer
"Brandon Generator - Part 3"
3 mins
24 Jun 2012
The last part of this trio of animated films by Edgar Wright is no more engaging than the other two.

24 Jun 2013
A young boxer trains intensively as his coach, friends and family talk about his relentless focus and drive.

"Sun Bathing"
24 Jun 2013
Nice moment of truthiness from Asda here when a rare afternoon of sun means mum just wants to catch a few more rays while she can.

"Long Lost Families Sponsorship"
24 Jun 2013
These bumpers show people summing up their stories of long-lost relatives in a couple of sentences.

Coca Cola
"Personalised Bottles"
24 Jun 2013
Never mind the ad, let's talk about the idea. An ostensibly naff notion has taken the country by storm if DAVID's twitter and Facebook feeds are anything to go by.

Road Safety (Ulster)
24 Jun 2014
Apparently the latest instalment in Northern Ireland's award-winning road safety work can only be shown after 9.00 in the evening.

24 Jun 2014
The simple animation style in this spot seems entirely out of step with the tone of Blue Supermarket's general advertising.

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