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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

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Five Star Work
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"Qiang Diao"
2 mins 17s
12 Dec 2019
Director Finn Keenan's new gung-ho commercial for Nike introduces Western viewers to the concept of qiang diao.

Aviator Gin
"The Gift That Doesn't Give Back"
11 Dec 2019
Ryan Reynolds is no stranger to extended cinematic universes, so perhaps it's no surprise that he's created one in Adland.

"Tooth Fairy"
11 Dec 2019
Mother's fun debut ad for TV marketing body Thinkbox extols the magic of advertising through an unusual entrepreneur.

"Limited Edition"
10 Dec 2019
Delicacy is the name of the game in this quietly satisfying commercial for Prada's limited edition collaboration with Adidas.

2 mins 03s
10 Dec 2019
This touching animated film from Passion Pictures sees one old woman makes a surprising friend during an otherwise lonely Christmas.

H & M
"Moments in Between"
9 Dec 2019
H&M celebrate the quieter moments of the Christmas season in this charming festive offering.

"You Are Your Story"
9 Dec 2019
Ancestry.com exploit Germany's divisive history to compelling effect with this 90" commercial from director Michael Lawrence.

6 Dec 2019
A hapless bloke takes things DNA testing to the limit in this entertaining ad for Chilly's.

Dancing On Ice
"Music Box"
6 Dec 2019
ITV announce the new season of wintry competition show Dancing on Ice in charming style with this animated commercial.

5 Dec 2019
Money transfer business Azimo go against the grain of current anti-immigrant rhetoric.

4 Dec 2019
How do you let a hulking, clingy robot down gently? That's the premise of this slow-burning ad for Spark New Zealand.

Posten Norge
4 Dec 2019
This cheeky commercial for the Norwegian postal service offers an alternative take on a familiar Christmas story.

"The Surprise"
3 mins
3 Dec 2019
The track 'Married Life' by Michael Giacchino is so firmly attached to the 2009 Pixar film 'Up' that you'd think that it'd be necessary to cut an umbilical cord to use it anywhere else. But its use in this fantastically emotional film for Apple by Mark Molloy is simply perfect.

Hafod Hardware
"Be A Kid This Christmas"
2 mins 03s
3 Dec 2019
According to the Daily Mail, this film for Hafod Hardware cost just £100 to make.

"Hide and Seek"
3 Dec 2019
A game of hide and seek goes global in this smartly scripted commercial for Easyjet.

Hobby Lobby
"Christmas Is What You Make It"
2 Dec 2019
This beautifully measured film for US craft retailer Hobby Lobby skirts the margins of mawkishness without ever crossing the line.

"A Holiday Reunion"
2 mins
29 Nov 2019
Just when you thought it was safe to go back outside, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial returns to Earth in this two-minute ‘sequel' for Sky.

"The Joy of Connection"
28 Nov 2019
Vodafone once again celebrate the power of modern technology to bring people together in this Irish commercial.

28 Nov 2019
ClearScore's uncanny streak continues with a deceptively simple ad that shows while a zebra can't change its stripes, it can pursue a career in a hospital's A&E department.

"Oscar the Grouch"
2 mins 33s
27 Nov 2019
A passing art connaisseur catapults Oscar the Grouch and his beloved piles of trash into the mainstream with a few brief clicks for Squarespace.

Aston Martin
"Beautiful is Relentless"
25 Nov 2019
Daisy Zhou delivers a visually striking piece of work to promote the Aston Martin DBX.

Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network
2 mins 48s
26 Nov 2019
This intense communication for RAINN highlights the lack of trained support workers available in American hospitals.

1850 Coffee
"Quality That's Criminal"
1 min 54s
25 Nov 2019
"Four filthy numbers" threaten to bring a city to its knees in this entertaining spoof of police procedurals by 1850 Coffee.

"Christmas is Where We Are"
22 Nov 2019
An enterprising grandpa saves Christmas in this charming ad for Aussie department store Meyer.

Movember Foundation
1 min 53s
22 Nov 2019
Men are encouraged to recognise the signs of depression in this intriguing film for Movember.

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