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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

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Recent Promos
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Biig Piig
"Feels Right"
3 mins 25s
20 Jan 2021
Tilbury Town Hand Car Wash stars in this well-judged promo for Irish singer Jess Smyth aka Biig Piig.

"Throw Me A Line"
6 mins 19s
12 Jan 2021
The wonderfully-named Bram F J van Alphen directs this emotional promo for Dutch group HAEVN.

Lana Del Rey
"Chemtrails Over the Country Club"
5 mins 40s
13 Jan 2021
Lana Del Rey's latest promo combines hazy Americana and hidden wildness to great effect.

"Mazza (feat. A$AP Rocky)"
3 mins
8 Jan 2021
This surreal promo for slowthai and A$AP Rocky's latest collaboration 'Mazza' is part fairy tale, part acid trip.

Joel Corry
"Head & Heart (feat. MNEK)"
2 mins 48s
17 Dec 2020
This entertaining promo for Joel Corry and MNEK's 'Head & Heart' takes a candy-coloured look at the butterfly effect.

Cameron Barnes & Blythe Duff
"Fairytale of New York (ft. Red Hot Chilli Pipers)"
5 mins
17 Dec 2020
A new spin on the Pogues' 'Fairytale of New York' has arrived courtesy of Cameron Barnes and Blythe Duff, who give the 1988 classic a distinctly Scottish lilt.

Michael Kiwanuka
"Interlude (Loving the People)"
3 mins 06s
14 Dec 2020
Album interludes seldom receive the promo treatment, but no one told director Phillip Youmans.

George Michael
"Freedom! '90"
6 mins 34s
10 Dec 2020
Thirty years after the release of George Michael’s 'Freedom! '90', director Harry George Hall pays tribute with this spirited promo.

Boys World
2 mins 58s
9 Dec 2020
Newly minted pop group Boys World announce themselves with this ebullient promo for ‘Girlfriends’.

Maxïmo Park
"I Don't Know What I'm Doing"
3 mins 04s
10 Dec 2020
The only way is up in this Maximo Park promo, as frontman Paul Smith climbs the world’s tallest ladder despite his misgivings.

Tom Petty
"Something Could Happen"
6 mins 14s
9 Dec 2020
Alice in Wonderland meets Tinder in this entertaining promo for Tom Petty's 'Something Could Happen'.

"Me & You (feat. Kelsey)"
3 mins 37s
7 Dec 2020
Up-and-coming director Lu presents a kung-fu flick with a choreographed twist in this intriguing promo for Majestic's latest track.

The Lathums
"I See Your Ghost"
2 mins 33s
8 Dec 2020
Mancunian four-piece The Lathums take an, er, appropriately haunting approach to this promo for latest single 'I See Your Ghost'.

Declan J Donovan
"Perfectly Imperfect"
3 mins 48s
7 Dec 2020
Dan French directs this candid promo for Essex-born singer and songwriter Declan J Donovan.

"IC3 (ft. Skepta)"
3 mins 51s
3 Dec 2020
There's an impressively ominous vibe to this promo for grime MC Ghetts' latest track 'IC3'.

Young T & Bugsey
"New Shape"
5 mins 38s
2 Dec 2020
This retro-tinged promo sees rappers Young T & Bugsey run their own car dealership.

Texas & Wu-Tang Clan
4 mins 52s
3 Dec 2020
Director Fenn O'Meally delivers a darkly funny twist on the "I'm a huge fan" meme for Texas and Wu-Tang Clan.

Eight Rounds Rapid
3 mins 55s
1 Dec 2020
Eight Rounds Rapid offer up an, er, rapid-fire critique of social media culture in this promo for latest track 'Onesie'.

"Paradise (Director's Cut)"
2 mins 55s
1 Dec 2020
This halcyon promo depicts teenage love and heartbreak in the picturesque Italian countryside.

Lil Nas X
2 mins 47s
1 Dec 2020
Viral smash-hit 'Old Town Road' may feel like a hundred years ago now, but Lil Nas X is determined to keep the party going with Christmas single 'Holiday'.

Califato ¾
"Fandangô de Carmen Porter"
5 mins 22s
27 Nov 2020
Religion, grief, and madness come together in this striking promo for Califato 3/4's 'Fandangô de Carmen Porter'.

"A Little Love"
3 mins 02s
25 Nov 2020
Soul artist Celeste offers up a festive promo for 'A Little Love' (of John Lewis & Waitrose fame).

Hope Tala
3 mins
25 Nov 2020
Singer-songwriter Hope Tala belies the grim weather with a salsa-tinged track and an equally succulent promo.

Pale Waves
2 mins 52s
24 Nov 2020
Retro-minded viewers will find their interest very much piqued by Pale Waves' latest promo for 'Change'.

Mae Muller
2 mins 52s
20 Nov 2020
Mae Muller's new single finds her caught between the excitement of a new relationship and the loss of her freedom.

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