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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

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On This Day
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"Change Perspectives"
18 Sep 2009
An impressive array of special effects are employed to illustrate the the design and Philosophy behind Saab's cars.

"Bunny Fusion"
18 Sep 2009
This neat film from France cleverly exploits Duracell's long-running association with pink bunnies.

18 Sep 2011
Lovely animation is combined with a gentle soundtrack to suggest there's something rather magical about banking with Nationwide.

Rugby Football League
"Rugby League Of The Extraordinary"
18 Sep 2012
This striking film is designed to arouse interest in rugby league... and it might just do that.

Weetabix Weetos
"Tough Guy's Moustache"
18 Sep 2012
This lovely commercial for Weetabix Weetos manages to frame the whole 'you need breakfast to get through the day' argument in terms that children will enjoy.

The National College for Teaching & Leadership
"Your Future, Their Future"
18 Sep 2014
Mr Burton from Educating Yorkshire is the star of this impressive film designed to persuade others to follow his vocation.

"The Winner"
2 mins
18 Sep 2017
This film reveals the winner of Bwin's black vs yellow race... with a twist.

Elvie Pump
"Like a Cow"
18 Sep 2018
This tongue-in-cheek ad from Elvie draws attention to their innovative breast pump technology.

"Champions Rise"
1 min 53s
18 Sep 2018
This strobe-lit communication for FIFA 19 has swagger to spare, as well as a cavalier attitude towards eye strain.

18 Sep 2019
Instax campaign to re-establish photos as something to be given, not just taken.

Pot Noodle
"Fuel Crisis"
18 Sep 2006

Prison Break
"No Hope In Hell"
18 Sep 2007
Nice trail for the new series has prisoners in a flaming room with an evil character who feels right at home.

"Invisible Car"
18 Sep 2007
Various neat visuals indicate an invisible car. It is then revealed and we are told of its Hybrid Drive.

B & Q
"Blank Canvas"
18 Sep 2008
The musical collaboration between the Fun Boy Three and Bananarama finds its level in this ad for the DIY retailer.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Bubbly
18 Sep 2009
An unusual version of Nena's classic 99 Red Balloons provides the soundtrack for this amusing Cadbury ad from New Zealand.

Sony Digital Cameras
"Twilight Football"
1 min 52s
18 Sep 2009
Three acrobatic lads sneak into a bull ring arena and tease one of the animals with a football.

Castrol Edge
18 Sep 2009
Real Madrid footballer, Ronaldo, explains why he uses Castrol Edge in his car.

"It's Far From Quiet"
18 Sep 2009
The return of Charity Dingle provides ITV with an opportunity to run an intriguing trail for their early evening soap opera.

18 Sep 2009
Matt is much relieved to discover that Sam's university is just down the road and the two flirtatiously make bubbles in the shop.

Children's Workforce Development Council
18 Sep 2009
As a kettle comes to the boil, it's explained that a cup of tea can be more than it seems if it's accompanied by a meaningful conversation.

Sony Ericsson
2 mins 08s
18 Sep 2010
The latest in this series poking fun at stereotypes who are expected to be thick has a trio of surfers trying out the advertised phone and two of its rivals.

John Smith's
"Dog Show"
18 Sep 2010
Peter Kay appears as a show dog owner in this new ad for John Smith's.

Go Compare
"Egyptian Tomb"
18 Sep 2010
A pair of tomb raiders decode the hieroglyphics on the inside of a pyramid and discover some advice about changing insurance company.

Carphone Warehouse
18 Sep 2010
A man walks into a branch of the advertised retailer and discovers a world of animated fun which represents everything you can do on a mobile phone these days.

"Money Birds"
18 Sep 2010
Once again, all the work is done by voiceover artist Stephen Merchant in this ad for Barclays Bank.

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