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Royal Blood
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Royal Blood
"Trouble's Coming"
3 mins 52s
2 Nov 2020
This stylish promo for Royal Blood's 'Trouble's Coming' provides a diverting visual accompaniment to the band's latest track.

Royal Blood
"How Did We Get So Dark?"
3 mins 38s
27 Oct 2017
This bizarre promo for Royal Blood's 'How Did We Get So Dark?' is both gritty as hell and utterly bonkers.

Royal Blood
"I Only Lie When I Love You"
2 mins 52s
9 Jun 2017
Pascal Teixeira shoots a no-frills promo for Royal Blood's latest track, 'I Only Lie When I Love You'.

Royal Blood
"Hook, Line, and Sinker"
3 mins 28s
18 May 2017
Having escaped their milky prison, Royal Blood find themselves on more familiar ground in this performance-driven promo for ‘Hook, Line, and Sinker'.

Royal Blood
"Lights Out"
4 mins
18 Apr 2017
There's something of a Doctor Who vibe about this promo for Royal Blood by Riff Raff's The Sacred Egg.

Royal Blood
"Out of the Black"
4 mins 12s
9 Feb 2015
Royal Blood's Out of the Black is a track that demands you put down whatever you're doing and pick up your air guitar instead.

Royal Blood
"Figure It Out"
3 mins 05s
10 Jul 2014
Rapid risers on the music scene Royal Blood - a two-piece based in Brighton - have released this glam-tinged belter which comes with an appropriate video from Ninian Doff.

Royal Blood
3 mins 59s
11 Feb 2021

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