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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

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Matt said:

Probably not he best idea to show a functioning car plant line.



Pilgrims Choice
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Pilgrims Choice
9 Oct 2019
A cheesy burrito is behind more surreal hallucinations in another quirky outing for Pilgrims Choice.

Pilgrims Choice
13 Aug 2019
One of two brief dives into culinary dreamland for Pilgrims Choice, this 10" ad depicts what happens when the subconscious registers a bite from a cheeseburger.

Pilgrims Choice
"Flight of Fancy"
12 Aug 2019
A whale-sized tongue takes a journey through taste town in this brief ad for Pilgrims Choice.

Pilgrims Choice
"Charlie's Dream"
21 May 2018
Pilgrims Choice bring one late-night cheese eater's fantasy to life in this off-beat commercial.

Pilgrims Choice
23 May 2016
This rejigged version of Pilgrims Choice's 'Well Chosen' ad from last year shows their dance-happy workers are just as keen to throw shapes outside the factory grounds.

Pilgrims Choice
"Choose The Right Choice"
1 min 50s
4 Aug 2015
Comedian and TV host Spencer Brown delivers a masterclass in awkward telly chatter in this enjoyable piece of silliness from Pilgrims Choice.

Pilgrims Choice
"Viewers' Choice"
15 Jul 2015
We're back in the Pilgrims Choice factory and the viewer votes are in. Seems there are still a few ravers knocking about the place as '90s Nostalgia' was the popular Internet choice.

Pilgrims Choice
"Well Chosen"
1 Jun 2015
Pilgrims Choice returns to our screens with an entertaining musical number that comes with a fun piece of online functionality.

Pilgrims Choice
"Shaving Cowboy"
14 May 2012
Another of the strange commercials featuring the miniature cowboy.

Pilgrims Choice
10 May 2012
The star of this commercial is a little cowboy aboard a horse in a supermarket who addresses a female shopper as 'pilgrim'.

Pilgrims Choice
15 Jun 2007
The representative of Pilgrims Cheese is so fussy that he studies tomatoes and bread before purchasing.

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