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Matt said:

Fails only because of all that has gone before it.



AT & T
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AT & T
"The Train"
28 May 2019
This genre-hopping expedition from US telecom giant AT & T demonstrates director Dougal Wilson's ability to handle drama and comedy with equal panache.

AT & T
17 Apr 2019
Spirited set design and copious gelato enliven this AT&T commercial.

AT & T
"Until Then"
12 Apr 2019
AT&T's latest distracted driving campaign tackles texting and driving with a sci-fi twist.

AT & T
"The Shot"
22 Nov 2018
What begins as an uplifting sports drama soon turns into a sci-fi brawl in this genre mash-up from AT & T.

AT & T
8 Oct 2018
An AT&T employee defies time itself in this droll commercial… well, tries to at least.

AT & T
1 min 36s
30 Jul 2018
This excellent commercial from American telecom company AT&T riffs on movie tropes.

AT & T
2 May 2018
US telecom giant A T & T portray a life not lived in this stark road safety film.

AT & T
"Unlimited Romance"
28 Jul 2017
This surreal ad from AT & T provides an amusing take on 'Unlimited Romance'.

AT & T
"The Unseen"
3 mins 47s
7 Sep 2016
This US film from AT&T is a timely argument for the dangers posed by using a phone at the wheel.

AT & T
"Fletcher's Drive"
6 mins 10s
24 Sep 2015
It's a gutsy move for AT & T to release a film of this length, but the story of rising football star Fletcher Cleaves produces the impact required to reach drivers with one eye too many on their phones.

AT & T
"It Can Wait"
3 mins 52s
20 Jul 2015
This is a slow burner but it builds the heat to an incredible ferocity and leaves you feeling as though you've been kicked in the head.

AT & T
"All You Can Think About"
13 Jun 2015
This US ad by director Jonathan Herman demonstrates how preoccupying the idea of credit card fraud can be.

AT & T
"Spread the Word"
23 Feb 2015
This fun commercial for AT&T has ordinary folk getting very excited about the implementation of some new hardware in the telecom company's infrastructure.

AT & T
29 May 2014
Goldilocks explains the three telecoms service options offered by AT & T from the comfort of home... the three bears' home, of course.

AT & T
3 Feb 2011
An astonishing adrenaline-charged journey through a series of movie genres is used to illustrate a claim about entertainment available through the advertised phone network.

AT & T
"Funny Email"
14 Dec 2010
This ad purports to show of the speed of AT&T's network compared with its competition.

AT & T
22 Apr 2010
A visual treat as children's drawings are writ large across a city landscape in a most engaging fashion.

AT & T
"Up & Up"
17 Feb 2010
This gorgeous ad for the American telecommunications company was timed to coincide with the start of the Winter Olympics.

AT & T
4 Dec 2009
In this American ad, a keyboard made up of touch screen phones is played by a pianist.

AT & T
"Shedding Styles"
20 Aug 2009
According to this ad, AT & T has the phone for "every style".

AT & T
5 Sep 2017

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