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"Revolving Designs"

Steve said:

Production design? Very nice!



East Coast Trains
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East Coast Trains
4 May 2014
We can't help feeling that this proposition either deserves a bit more noise or isn't all it's cracked up to be.

East Coast Trains
"Ticket Gate"
12 Feb 2014
East Coast Trains suggest that getting a ticket to Newcastle is as easy as walking out of your front door.

East Coast Trains
11 Jan 2014
This is essentially a postscript to the previous ad, reminding us that East Coast Trains are faster than you might think.

East Coast Trains
"Feel at Home"
7 Sep 2013
A lovely, gentle concept to suggest that there is a train service which doesn't require sharp elbows, infinite patience and access to tranquilisers to endure.

East Coast Trains
"Vic Reeves"
1 min 34s
23 May 2011
Vic Reeves doodles his way back to Darlington in this ad for the rail franchise which operates on the east coast.

East Coast Trains
"Rory Bremner"
1 min 40s
23 May 2011
Rory Bremner uses his unusual gift of the gab in this ad for the rail franchise currently in possession of our east coast.

East Coast Trains
"Natural History Museum"
8 Mar 2010
Another excellent contribution to this charming series features an old couple standing in front of the dinosaur skeleton.

East Coast Trains
7 Mar 2010
In this amusing animated ad, a man and his son are eating an ice cream while watching the lions at the zoo.

East Coast Trains
6 Mar 2010
Film buffs will realise that the movie being referenced here is An American Werewolf in London.

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