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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

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Electric Ireland
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Electric Ireland
"Darkness into Light"
2 mins 30s
5 Jun 2019
This inspiring film from Electric Ireland explores the power of using personal tragedy to fuel the greater good.

Electric Ireland
"Game Changer"
30 Aug 2017
This 20" Electric Ireland commercial focuses on women's football coach Niall Curneen.

Electric Ireland
"Rabbit Goes Home"
26 Oct 2015
The premise behind this Electric Ireland ad feels familiar, but familiarity does provide comfort on occasion if done well.

Electric Ireland
"Smarter Living"
4 Nov 2014
This starts off quite well, but fizzles out towards the end although there are some lovely images of various independent businesses.

Electric Ireland
9 Apr 2013
This lovely-looking Irish commercial for a power utility company in the Republic uses a composite of attractive images to illustrate the ways in which electricity is used.

Electric Ireland
"Fun & Games"
7 Nov 2017

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