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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

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Kevin said:

Just an expensive play on the word "extras" - presumably there will be other scenarios.



The 1975
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The 1975
"Me & You Together Song"
3 mins 48s
10 Feb 2020
Things get retro in The 1975's latest promo, which accompanies the imaginatively titled 'Me & You Together Song'.

The 1975
2 mins 52s
23 Aug 2019
The 1975 are in fine form on latest single 'People', with the raucous track serving as a call to action.

The 1975
"It's Not Living (If It's Not With You)"
7 mins 23s
5 Dec 2018
While The 1975's 'It's Not Living (If It's Not With You)' has that classic boy band sound, the promo gives it a welcome something extra as Warren Fu's direction turns Matty's onstage jog into a trip and a half.

The 1975
"Sincerity is Scary"
4 mins 01s
23 Nov 2018
Even a fall down a manhole isn't enough to put Matty Healy off his stride in this well-choreographed promo for The 1975's ‘Sincerity is Scary'.

The 1975
"Somebody Else"
8 mins 30s
12 Jul 2016
Tim Mattia's eight-minute promo for The 1975's new track Somebody Else is packed to the rafters with references to his previous clip; something which will quite rightly delight the band's fans.

The 1975
"A Change of Heart"
4 mins 47s
28 Apr 2016
'A Change of Heart' sees a change of direction for The 1975, and it's actually rather charming.

The 1975
3 mins 12s
12 Jan 2016
Director Adam Powell has judged the mood of The 1975's track 'Ugh!' perfectly,

The 1975
4 mins 30s
28 Oct 2013
Singer Matt Healy says of Girls that he found "the whole idea of us being told what to do fascinating."

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