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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

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John Grant
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John Grant
"Boy From Michigan"
4 mins 29s
1 Apr 2021
Directing duo Ewan Jones Morris and Casey Raymond combine surreal animation with a roguish sense of humour in this vibrant promo for John Grant.

John Grant
"He's Got His Mother's Hips"
3 mins 40s
25 Oct 2018
Directors Casey + Ewan match John Grant's surrealist streak with their own animated melee.

John Grant
"Love is Magic"
5 mins 13s
13 Aug 2018
It's all gone to the dogs in this tricksy promo for John Grant's ‘Love is Magic'… though Crufts fans may treat it as a preview for next year's competition

John Grant
"Down Here"
4 mins 06s
3 Dec 2015
This wistful and heavily freighted spot for John Grant's 'Down Here' is full of sensory moments that spill out of the screen and make themselves felt to us.

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