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Direct Line
"Film on 4 Sponsorship"
19 Jun 2019
Direct Line's staff unpick some big-screen set pieces in these Films on 4 sponsorship bumpers.

"Erin Cuthbert"
19 Jun 2019
This latest instalment of Twitter's 'Women in Football' campaign focuses on Scotland international Erin Cuthbert as she prepares to make her World Cup debut.

"The Long Walk"
19 Jun 2019
Cristiano Ronaldo can't resist the chance to flex both ego and muscles in this ad for men's body wash.

"Fifty Years"
19 Jun 2019
DFS mark fifty years in business with a 40" compilation of ads from the retailer's hand-stitched campaign.

Fairy Non-Bio
"Letter To My Baby"
19 Jun 2019
A trio of celebrity mums and dads take the opportunity to give their babies an early pep talk in this Fairy Non-Bio ad.

Heart FM
16 Jun 2019
The real star of this Heart FM commercial isn't Jamie Theakston or Amanda Holden, but a computer-generated bee with a love of EDM.

1 min 38s
18 Jun 2019
The Cannes Festival of creativity is a nexus of bad behaviour, and the depicted scene of a woman's taxi ride being hijacked by an older colleague certainly rings true.

"Cold Water"
18 Jun 2019
AXA promise to be in their customers' corner with this intriguing film.

18 Jun 2019
Dior sketch out a summer of glamour with a vintage twist in this atmospheric film.

Petits Filous
18 Jun 2019
Parents of aspiring singers will breathe a sigh of relief, as Petits Filous has come up with a no-spill container for their kids to throw around.

Financial Conduct Authority
18 Jun 2019
'Arnold Schwarzenegger' has an urgent question for his high school sweetheart, Gertrude.

"Hazel & Jac"
18 Jun 2019
Aldi's 'Swap & Save' campaign returns with this ad starring married couple Hazel and Jac.

"Stand By (ft. Rudimental)"
3 mins 21s
18 Jun 2019
A well-travelled cricket ball is the star of this promo for Loryn and Rudimental's 'Stand By'.

Paddy Power
"Commentator Collars"
18 Jun 2019
Another madcap outing for Paddy Power's Horsebot arrives just in time for Royal Ascot.

Mandarin Oriental
"Adam Scott"
18 Jun 2019
Golfer Adam Scott is the next to fall victim to the Mandarin Oriental's clutches in another stilted commercial.

Amazon Fire
17 Jun 2019
This latest Amazon Fire commercial sees one of the flesh-eating horde retire for a night in front of the box.

"Beyond The Search"
16 Jun 2019
We tried to find a through line linking the disparate elements of this muddled Peugeot ad together... but we've come up empty.

Kishi Bashi
"Violin Tsunami"
5 mins 39s
17 Jun 2019
This poignant animation is a visual interpretation of Kishi Bashi's new release - a thoughtful reflection on the internment of Japanese Americans during WWII.

Free the Work
16 Jun 2019
A new venture from the Free the Bid team aims to broaden the initiative's scope

Drag SOS
"God Save All Queens"
16 Jun 2019
This celebratory outing from Channel 4 draws attention to their upcoming makeover show, Drag SOS.

"Own Your Moment"
15 Jun 2019
England lock Courtney Lawes is one of the men flexing their muscles as menswear retailer Jacamo present a few of their summer threads.

Admiral Insurance
"Welcome To Admouth"
17 Jun 2019
This overdue revamp of Admiral's female-led campaign combines likeable animation with voice work from Sally Phillips and Stephen Mangan.

Gears 5
"Kait, Broken"
1 min 35s
17 Jun 2019
This CG trailer for Gears 5 drew mixed reactions at E3 due to its opaque nature and lack of gameplay footage.

Amazon Echo
"Practice Nights"
17 Jun 2019
This latest Amazon Echo film sees a mother enlist Alexa to help her daughter bounce back after a heavy defeat

L'Oreal Men Expert
"Adam Levine"
17 Jun 2019
L'Oreal Men Expert attempt to establish a tenuous link between stardom and a hydrated mug in this strange commercial.

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