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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

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Head & Shoulders

Matt said:

P&G has made considerable creative strides in recent years, this seems something of an anomaly.



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"Christmas with the Redknapps"
3 Dec 2020
Those who find JD Sports’ festive advertising too sleek or stony-faced may appreciate this 40” plug for Footasylum - a former takeover target for JD.

Domino's Pizza
"Concrete Claire"
3 Dec 2020
Hindsight is a wonderful thing, especially where takeaway is concerned. That’s the premise of this knockabout commercial for Domino’s Pizza.

"Dance Fight"
3 Dec 2020
The ancient art of dance-fighting inspires this latest commercial from Rustlers, who insist their microwave burgers are "better than you think".

Water Aid
"Future on Tap"
3 Dec 2020
This Water Aid commercial—narrated by poet Lemn Sissay—briefly revisits the Ethiopian famine of 1984 made visible by Michael Buerk.

Young T & Bugsey
"New Shape"
5 mins 38s
2 Dec 2020
This retro-tinged promo sees rappers Young T & Bugsey run their own car dealership.

"Red Passion"
2 Dec 2020
This modish ad for Campari features a host of artists and creatives in a crimson revery.

Bank of New Zealand
"The Greatest Gift"
3 Dec 2020
This heartwarming commercial for BNZ resets expectations about what truly matters over the festive period.

Coronation Street
"The Little Back Street in Salford"
3 Dec 2020
Hardly any TV series' plans for 2020 have made it through the pandemic unscathed, and one of Britain's most iconic soaps is no exception.

Texas & Wu-Tang Clan
4 mins 52s
3 Dec 2020
Director Fenn O'Meally delivers a darkly funny twist on the "I'm a huge fan" meme for Texas and Wu-Tang Clan.

"Smooth Shopping"
2 Dec 2020
This typically classy outing for Klarna draws attention to the brand's new app.

Eight Rounds Rapid
3 mins 55s
1 Dec 2020
Eight Rounds Rapid offer up an, er, rapid-fire critique of social media culture in this promo for latest track 'Onesie'.

Born Free Foundation
"Nature’s Closing Down Sale"
2 Dec 2020
The Born Free Foundation channel aggressive, Eighties-style sales tactics to draw attention to dwindling animal populations.

"Let's Celebrate"
1 Dec 2020
Surreal charades, snack smuggling, and sword-based bottle opening all feature in Pringles' collection of festive commercials.

The Glenlivet
"Against the Tide"
1 Dec 2020
This lively Glenlivet commercial features a master of the art of balancing a drink.

"Paradise (Director's Cut)"
2 mins 55s
1 Dec 2020
This halcyon promo depicts teenage love and heartbreak in the picturesque Italian countryside.

1 Dec 2020
As winter promises to be a mixed bag at least, this National Health Service ad urges viewers to use their best judgement over the coming weeks.

"Christmas Full of Surprises"
1 Dec 2020
Iceland stay traditional with their Christmas ad, leaning on a rhyming script which lauds their low prices.

1 Dec 2020
Driverless technology may soon provide "universal autonomy", but NRMA Insurance would prefer customers to keep their wits about them for now.

Toyota Hilux
"Born to Roam"
1 Dec 2020
This Toyota commercial sees a herd/fleet/romp of Hilux pick-up trucks race across the landscape in what the narrator deems "one of nature's true spectacles".

Lil Nas X
2 mins 47s
1 Dec 2020
Viral smash-hit 'Old Town Road' may feel like a hundred years ago now, but Lil Nas X is determined to keep the party going with Christmas single 'Holiday'.

Premier League
"No Room For Racism"
1 Dec 2020
This 60" Premier League film draws attention to the brand's No Room for Racism drive.

"Journeys in Taste: Tom Kitchin"
3 mins 12s
1 Dec 2020
At one point in this tactile piece of work for GQ and Lexus, celebrity chef Tom Kitchin asks: "How do I learn to think like the fish?"

Great Ormond Street Hospital
"Home for the Holidays"
1 Dec 2020
Those feeling the loss of a big Christmas get-together this year may find their perspective shifted by this touching animated ad for Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Califato ¾
"Fandangô de Carmen Porter"
5 mins 22s
27 Nov 2020
Religion, grief, and madness come together in this striking promo for Califato 3/4's 'Fandangô de Carmen Porter'.

"Nobody is Normal"
26 Nov 2020
Childline assure children that when it comes to fitting in, there's no such thing as normal.

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