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Latest Work
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"Grain and Cane"
26 Mar 2019
More tabletop clip antics from Glenlivet as the whisky introduced a fruity number called 'Grain and Cane'.

Donegal Catch
"Fish People"
24 Mar 2019
Irish frozen fish brand Donegal Catch take their role as 'fish people' quite literally in this amusing ad.

Paddy Power
"Team Talk"
25 Mar 2019
Paddy Power's stab at inclusivity is as broad as you might expect.

4 mins
25 Mar 2019
Carling turn up the volume on their pro-boozer campaign courtesy of DIY punk duo Slaves.

"Chosen One"
26 Mar 2019
A bloke reconsiders his position as Earth's Chosen One mid-abduction in this 30" riff on FOMO.

"The Storytellers Behind Apple TV+"
5 mins 36s
25 Mar 2019
This starry launch ad for Apple TV+ is a five-and-a-half treatise on the art of filmmaking.

"Used Cars"
24 Mar 2019
An Audi technician summons his inner Alphaville in this ad for the marque's used car scheme.

"Autumn Autumn"
5 mins 17s
26 Mar 2019
This fluid promo for Askjell's 'Autumn Autumn' is a surreal delight - difficult to look away from and equally hard to understand.

"Opening Film"
1 min 55s
25 Mar 2019
Apple offer their own spin on opening titles in this sharply constructed film.

"Loathe / Like / Love"
2 mins
24 Mar 2019
This trio of commercials for Lidl made for the Northern Ireland market were shot by Michael 'Derry Girls' Lennox.

Knife Free
"Dean's Story"
2 mins 28s
24 Mar 2019
This beautiful little documentary about a young man whose life was affected by knife crime was made to remind others in a similar position that they should not carry a weapon.

Our Future, Our Choice
"People's Vote"
25 Mar 2019
This astute film throws the pro-Brexit camp's fairytale view of Britain's future into sharp relief.

Two Door Cinema Club
3 mins 46s
25 Mar 2019
This thoroughly retro affair accompanies Two Door Cinema Club's new single, 'Talk'.

Land Rover
"Lost in the Woods"
25 Mar 2019
Land Rover's dynamic father and son duo return for another haphazard woodland romp.

"I've Never Danced Like This"
3 mins 27s
25 Mar 2019
Praything's latest single 'I've Never Danced Like This' comes with an intriguing visual accompaniment.

25 Mar 2019
Speyside single malt The Glenlivet provide a hands-on demonstration of high-end cocktail construction in this mouth-watering clip.

HM Government
"EU Exit"
23 Mar 2019
Those who need clarification regarding Brexit can wend their way to the Government's ‘EU Exit' website.

AN Post
"For Your World"
25 Mar 2019
The One Show's Angela Scanlon fronts this sure-footed commercial for Ireland's postal service.

"Doug the Dog"
25 Mar 2019
Skoda underline the importance of pet safety on the road thanks to a giant sheepdog.

3 mins 33s
25 Mar 2019
Alt-pop duo APRE receive an achingly offbeat promo for their new track ‘Backstreet', courtesy of director Amitay Leopold.

"Meet Your Genes"
23 Mar 2019
What do you get for the mum who has everything this Mother's Day? A saliva collection kit from 23andMe, of course.

The Hour
3 mins 55s
20 Mar 2019
It's rare to see a video which is so perfectly aligned to the music track it promotes that the two are completely intertwined, but that's what you've got here in this film directed by Skunk's Ben Strebel for new music act The Hour.

"Chicken Town"
22 Mar 2019
KFC take on fried chicken fakers in this portentous commercial which focuses on the high street poultry boom.

Trials Rising
"Try Again"
2 mins 09s
22 Mar 2019
Ubisoft emphasise the importance of 'failing, failing again, failing better' in this kinetic ad for their latest release, ‘Trials Rising'.

Short Films
"Sir John Lubbock's Pet Wasp"
2 mins
22 Mar 2019
This black-and-white curio from directors Laurie Hill and Osbert Parker offers a fun sideways glance at the work of John Lubbock.

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