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 "You're not an artist, Peggy. You solve problems." Don Draper.

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Five Star Work
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Channel 4
"Those Who Go Beyond"
16 Jul 2019
Channel 4 harness the legacy of the Apollo 11 Moon landing to emphasise their own progressive mantra in this 60" commercial.

Honest Tea
"Small Decision, Big Impact"
16 Jul 2019
Honest Tea insist they're as wholesome as the day is long in this fetching animated commercial.

Libra Coin
"The Future of Currency"
16 Jul 2019
New cryptocurrency outfit Libra Coin say they have a solution to worldwide strife: an accessible global economy.

"Find Your Force"
16 Jul 2019
An effective back and forth between protagonist and narrator drives this energetic ad from the Royal Air Force.

Eve Sleep
"Cuddly Toy"
15 Jul 2019
Online mattress vendor Eve convey the benefits of a good night's sleep via Moloko's ‘Pure Pleasure Seeker' and a dancing toy sloth.

Red Bull
"Tactical Training"
14 Jul 2019
As today's cricket World Cup final reached its astonishing denouement, the marketing team at Red Bull must have been praying for an England victory.

"Don't Take Your Hair for Granted"
13 Jul 2019
House of Cards actor Michael Kelly may seem an odd choice to advertise a hairdressers, but bear with. The follically-challenged thespian wanders the city streets being affronted by the things the hirsute do with their hair.

"Calm Before the Storm"
12 Jul 2019
There's a significant change of tack in the latest commercial for Camelot's Lotto, as we're given a glimpse of the company's inner workings.

"Freddie vs Freddie"
4 mins 43s
12 Jul 2019
England cricket sponsors NatWest pit Freddie Flintoff against his 2005 Ashes self.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite
"Calling All Wizards"
3 mins
9 Jul 2019
This live-action trail for 'Harry Potter: Wizards Unite' boasts some high production values - and the odd Niffler - as dark forces converge on a housing block.

"Beach x Bear"
10 Jul 2019
Duracell's latest innovation in battery design takes centre stage in this amusing commercial - and thankfully, there isn't a single pink bunny in sight.

"We Are Animal"
9 Jul 2019
Peperami mock the langauge of portentous sports ads with this droll commercial.

"Defying Logic"
9 Jul 2019
Lexus defy the laws of physics - alongside a few other rules of nature - in this surreal commercial.

"Never Stop Winning"
8 Jul 2019
As the USA team celebrated their unprecedented achievement of four successive World Cup final wins, the chants of "equal pay" chimed powerfully around the stadium.

Dublin Bus
"Long Road to Pride"
2 mins 38s
4 Jul 2019
This touching film from Dublin Bus reminds us that celebrating identity isn't just for the young.

New Zealand Transport Agency
4 Jul 2019
The New Zealand Transport Agency flips the script on distracted driving in this smartly constructed commercial.

Urban Decay
"Pretty Different"
3 Jul 2019
What better way to give your brand a boost (on these shores anyway) than to luckily feature Glastonbury 2019's breakout performers in your latest ad?

"This Is Home"
1 min 50s
28 Jun 2019
This film advertising the new Adidas kit for Arsenal was an Internet sensation when it was 'leaked' towards the end of June.

Apple AirPods
1 min 47s
28 Jun 2019
Apple's latest ad for AirPods highlights the product's wireless charging capability in an unusually acrobatic way.

"Against the Odds"
28 Jun 2019
This well crafted film rattles through some of the grassroots football schemes funded by the National Lottery.

"The Bare Baby Necessities"
27 Jun 2019
A decade after they first made a splash in the advertising world with their rollerblading skills, Evian's dancing babies return with a modern twist.

"Look Down in Awe"
27 Jun 2019
This cheeky VW ad invites consumers to look down on the brand... literally.

Short Films
26 Jun 2019
Director George Watson taps into the raw power of spoken word performance with this confronting short film.

"Further Than Ever"
2 mins 10s
25 Jun 2019
This Nike commercial is a sharp riposte to anyone who said "Let me give you a piece of advice" and thought the matter closed.

"Science Fair"
3 mins 11s
25 Jun 2019
This 'Spider-Man: Far From Home' tie-in promotes the new Audi e-tron GT.

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